Do I Have to Work Out Forearms?

The topic I want to discuss today is forearms: do I have to work out forearms or could I even ignore them?

Forearms are that type of muscle that I consider on the same level of calfs...

...which means...

...I don't work them out.

Do I work out forearms?

You heard me, I said no,  I don't usually work out forearms like  I don't usually work out calfs.

Is It Necessary to Work Out Forearms?

This is a slightly different question.

It depends on your goals.

It is necessary if you compete. If you're going up on the stage, well you have to unless you want to be kicked out in no time.

Forearm Workout

Wrist curls are the most popular forearm workout

At that level you have to be basically perfect and you should work out every tiny tiny muscle. You have to work out forearms as you have to work out calfs and everything else.

I don't compete, therefore I don't really care of forearms.

I like to have a nice physique, I am not going to be a competitor bodybuilder, I am not going on stage or stuff like that.

I already work out forearms when I do other exercises.

Compound movements...yeah they always involve forearms workout.

Best Forearm Exercises

Don't get me wrong...sometimes I did work out forearms.

I usually go to the gym three times a week and I hit major muscles with certain exercises...

...but sometimes I like to add an extra day to my routine and just go do those things that I never do, like forearms, calfs, traps, abs...

If you really want to work out forearms, then I suggest the following exercises:

  1. Palms up barbell wrist curl over a bench
  2. Palms up dumbbell wrist curl over a bench
  3. Dumbbell reverse forearm curls
  4. Reverse grip barbell curls

This way you work out forearms in a very concentrated way.

But my idea is still that I already hit forearms when I do my bicep curls.

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