Do You Fear Whey Protein Baldness Side Effects?

I recently came across an article that talked about whey protein baldness related problems, especially when making use of whey protein isolate instead of concentrate.

I have to admit that it sounded quite convincing...

You know, you read about some apparently popular universities doing all these kinds of researches, claiming that they conducted tests on hundreds of people taking whey protein isolate supplements and discovering that a certain high percentage of them experienced whey protein baldness...

Whey protein baldness

This is briefly what they said:

"Consumers need to be made aware that taking WPI can damage and accelerate hair loss. Through my research, we've discovered that a vitamin enriched WPC has a very positive effect on healthier, fuller looking hair," said Dr. Larry Shapiro , Principle Investigator of the Study.

WPI stays for Whey Protein Isolate and WPC is the acronym of Whey Protein Concentrate.

Dr. Shapiro continued, "WPI contains highly concentrated amounts of amino acids that cause the body to increase production of testosterone, which breaks down into dehydroxytestosterone (DHT), a hormone that has been scientifically proven to cause hair loss."

Whey Protein Baldness True or Myth?

It's hard to say actually.

It's one of those subjects where they discover something now, and then after a few years they discover the exact opposite.

It reminds me of chocolate, once I heard that it was bad, and later that it was very healthy...go figure.

One thing that I don't agree with the statement above is that WPI causes an increase of testosterone.

I don't buy it.

It's lifting weights what causes testosterone to increase, not taking whey protein (unless it contained some ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weeds that are well known testosterone boosters).

Do You Trust Those Studies or People's Reviews?

As there is probably something true about scientific researches, I tend to prefer listening to those that are the "living proof": people's experiences.

I've been taking whey protein and I haven't noticed any increase of my hair loss.

Yes I definitely have less hair than 10 years ago, but there was no acceleration of that process after I started taking supplements.

I did a little bit of research and these are a couple of examples like many:

I have been taking it for 3 years now and I still have a full head do hair


Been taking it over 25 years, and it made me grow hair everywhere

Honestly i couldn't find anyone that claimed whey protein hair loss side effects.

Even if it caused hair loss it would take years, and by then who knows what else could have caused it?

Aging, stress, so many other factors could affect hair loss.

Is Whey Protein Safe Then?

I personally consider whey protein a pretty safe supplement. After all it's just like eating more food rich in protein right?

I'd say, don't worry about whey protein baldness side effects, but at the same do not abuse WPI.

If you haven't already, read my whey protein side effects article to understand why you shouldn't abuse it.


Hey, I did some research about this topic and I also considered my personal experience in my evaluation, but you know, we're not all the same here.

Every body reacts differently to foods and various ingredients. What is your experience?

Are you the proof of whey protein baldness side effects?

Please drop a line and let us know, you might be able to discourage those that fear whey protein hair loss from taking it!


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11 Responses

  1. David
    I confirm, if your are subject to hair loss, whey protein isolate will dramatically accelerate the process.
  2. dev
    yes this is true , i personally have experienced it for taking regularly for 3 months
  3. Rs
    I've noticed dramatic hair loss after taking a shake of whey protein isolate every single morning over the past 4 months. I have also started going regularly to the gym and decreased the amount of carbs on my diet so I guess it might be a combination of factors. In any case, I just hope I recover my hair lost on the crown after a month without taking whey protein. I am keeping my fingers crossed. PS. I think it also affects people who are subject to hair loss as many friends have taken it for a while and have all their hair.
  4. Elmer Joel reyes
    I have being taking it for tree months and I have being seeing good results
  5. Dennis Kuruvilla
    Yes, having too much whey protein in diet causes hair fall in mass ratio. Just check most of the famous body builders, all of them, well at least most of them are nearly bald. So If you care your hair too much than a built body, I would recommend stop taking supplements.
    • Josh
      ah what? The famous bodybuilders are bald because they abuse steroids, Whey protein does not make you bald you idiots. If anything it will help with hair, you are probably losing your hair from working out and increasing your testosterone, which is then probably increasing DHT levels #geneticpredisposition
  6. Teja
    I'm using Standard whey protein for mass build up.I'm using it 3 to 5 times a week .Now I noticed a few hairloss and increased baldness on the sides of forehead,Is this is caused due to consumption of whey protein
  7. Patty Stinson
    I have been using whey protein and over the last month been noticing large amounts of hair loss. I am a woman, so I freaked out. Stopped taking it last week. Have noticed slight decrease. Hopefully, it will stop. Fingers crossed. Patty
  8. Rocky
    Now I figured it out it's not working out hard in the gym but protein isolates that causes hair fall ... Can I use simple whey protein and not isolate ??
  9. I have started using Whey Protein Isolate for the past 2 mnths, and what a huge disappointment. Huge hair loss. I have been using other protein shakes for years and nothing. So I have stopped for 2 wks, and see some growth back but I am hoping to make a full recovery. They should mention "hair loss possible" as a side effect.
  10. This is a myth. The people who are using Whey are most likely using other supplements which are not good for hair. In fact Whey should inhibit hair growth rather than cause it. If you are losing your hair when taking Whey then its likely you are 1 taking other supplements OR 2. you have baldness issues anyways and are shedding. And the mixture of both is over powering.

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