Five weight loss tips to lose weight without getting it back soon after. This sounds like a dream I know.

Usually it happens that people go on crazy weight loss programs and then when they stop...there we go again, they gain weight back, again.

Who has not vowed that from the beginning of the week, the first of the month or from the new year they will get rid of bad habits to embrace a healthy diet and get rid of extra pounds?

Few, however, manage to keep their word, and most of the times the problem of who starts a diet is the same: to keep in shape after losing weight.

Yet, as shown by a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, it is not impossible to succeed in losing weight permanently and a few small weight loss tips can make a difference.

Weight Loss Tips

Ok,we need to learn some weight loss tips to get rid of this!

These tricks come from one of the most well-known behavioral scientists in the nutrition field, Brian Wansink from the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, in the United States.

Thanks to years of research, Wansink has shown that most of the time we eat in excess without realizing it (the so-called "mindless eating"), and this is what compromises our health.

Environment and Habits

This happens because environment and habits influence us.

The way foods are placed on the shelves at the store or at home, or laying on the couch in front of tv, are often some of the causes of our weight gain.

Knowing it, and taking appropriate countermeasures, would be the key to acquire solid healthy habits.

The American researcher, to understand what the best weight loss tips are, organized the National Mindless Eating Challenge, an online program for weight loss through changes of habits and environment, rather than through diet.

Participants were emailed the rules to follow, and monthly questionnaires to check who was following recommendations and to keep track of the weight lost.

The results, from the test on about 500 people, are clear: 42% of those who participated in the program lost weight and 27 % remained at least stable.

Those who had followed exactly the weight loss tips given by Wansink had lost more weight, who had followed the advice for at least six days a week lost, on average, a pound a month.

When I read the story I was very interested, and finding out these weight loss tips gave me the inspiration to write this article because I imagined that many of you would be interested to hear as well.

The 5 Weight Loss Tips

The tips are easy, indeed: the five most effective tricks are, according to the majority of the participants, almost banal.

No Unhealthy Foods

The first is to get rid of unhealthy foods in your pantry (the reason is obvious, if you don't have them, you don't stuff yourself with junk food).

Eat from a Plate

Avoid eating directly from packages, use a plate or a bowl instead, small if possible. Eating popcorns or chips from the bag is "risky", if you place them in a bowl you can see how much you're actually eating and may help you control the amount.

Have Small Snacks

It is also effective to have a few small snacks during the day so that you don't stay with an empty stomach for more than three hours.

Warm Foods in the Morning

It's good to have something warm to eat or drink in the morning, for breakfast or within one hour from when you wake up. Hot tea, hot coffee...but also toast with butter and jam is okay.

Put your Cutlery Down

Last tip, and I would imagine that you have never thought about this, is to put down your cutlery beside your plate between bites. The purpose is to slow you down while you eat, because it's a fact that when you eat slower you feel full sooner.


I don't know if you have ever heard of other weight loss tricks such as tightening your belt before you sit at the table or brushing and flossing your teeth one hour after dinner make you feel like you don't desire any extra snacks before bed time (maybe because of the taste in your mouth).

Well, participants revealed that those tricks don't really work.


These five weight loss tips may sound silly or banal. You may think that of course you knew them already, but my question is: have you really tried to actually follow these simple rules?

Sometimes it seems that we all know what to do, so these tips are not big news, but the problem is that we don't follow them.

Just remember to do step by step. It's proven that if you start out of the blue applying these tips, you won't last long.

Start slowly, get used to the new habit, and you'll be surprised to see the results!


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