Can a Weight Gainer Help Me Gain Weight?

I know many people that use a weight gainer to help gain some weight.

People like me, with a fast metabolism, that burn calories like crazy!

And people, that just can't seat at the table and eat big portions all the time.

Man...I've tried to eat more and more, trying to force myself to get used to it hoping that one day it'll be natural to just "crave" more food and eat more without having to "fight" my stomach.

Result: I lost motivation because it was too hard.

True Mass Weight Gainer

BSN True Mass is my favorite weight gainer

I got sick of eating more than I needed. I stopped enjoying my meals, it was a pain.

Remember when you were a little kid and your parents wanted to force you to eat "just one more scoop" and you hated it?

Yeah...exactly, that's how you feel again if you try to eat more than necessary.

What's the Purpose of a Weight Gainer?

So for all those people that have a fast metabolism, can't eat big portions every time, have an ectomorph body type (the classic skinny guys), gaining weight is a real challenge...and pain in the butt.

We know how difficult it is to put on some weight, and how annoying it is when others tell you "lucky you" or "of course you're skinny, you don't eat" and similar things that just increase our frustration.

Fortunately, there is one thing that you can and should try: a weight gainer.

It's so called because it has the purpose of helping you gain weight faster and with no big effort.


The equation is simple and straight forward:

Calorie Surplus = Weight Gain

That's all you need to remember.

And when it's difficult to achieve with your diet, the weight gainer supplement can provide extra calories that can increase your calorie intake to a surplus.

I assume that before trying a mass gainer your calorie intake is just enough to maintain your current body weight and that you're already doing your best to eat as much as your stomach allows you to.

At that point, let's say that one scoop of mass gainer is around 200 calories, you just have to aim to drink a couple of scoops a day.

That's very easy to do, for me it's even easier than drinking plane water. I have a hard time drinking liquids without a flavor if I am not thirsty.

One in the morning, one between meals as a snack or before bed and increase your daily calorie intake of 400 calories.

Just like that!

Some gainer supplements have portions of up to 1,200 calories (well I guess you can use any type and just add more scoops), but that would be too much.

Don't Exceed with Calorie Surplus

Something like 1,200 calories is too much.

Oh yeah don't get me wrong, you WILL gain weight, but a big part of it is going to be stored as fat, and I think there is no point in gaining fat because one day it'll be even harder to get rid of it.

500 cal Surplus is Enough

It's better to gain weight more slowly but stay lean, in my opinion. You don't want to become a "skinny with belly" type of guy!

Read How to Gain Weight where I explain this concept more extensively, or my top 3 best weight gainer if you want to start from some good advice.


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    Weight gainer can help increase daily calories and can boost the weight gain process.
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