Simple Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels and Sex Drive Without Supplements

Supplements, replacement therapy and so much more...

increase-testosterone-levelsBut what if I told you there are some simple ways to increase testosterone levels without any of that?

I bet you'd keep reading.

In fact, just by changing your lifestyle a bit you could see great improvements in testosterone levels, which translate in a bunch of benefits of having normal t levels.

This is true when you experience symptoms of low t, and very often they are caused by a bad lifestyle and diet.

This like smoking, stress, lack of sleep and "abuse of technology" (smart phone, tablets, TV etc.), bad diet and no exercise are, in most cases, the main causes of low t and poor sexual health for males.

Several different studies showed that improving those aspects of your life can bring you back to track and solve most of people's sexual dysfunction problems.

As you must know, sex drive and fertility are directly linked to testosterone levels.

What Can I Do to Increase Testosterone Levels?

Before you go to the doctor (and to do that you must overcome the natural embarrassment) to discuss the problems concerning your sexual activity, and start a testosterone replacement therapy (which I recommend only if everything else fails first), try these 4 simple ways to increase testosterone levels naturally.

Quit Smoking

SmokingHow many times have your heard it?

Many I guess, and for many different reasons too.

Well, there's one more, an important one.

Smoke is responsible for altering vascular activity, both arterial and venous.

It may interact with other risk factors causing or worsening ED.

Several studies also have shown negative effects on spermatogenesis (sperm production process), concentration of sperm in the semen, their motility, viability and morphology.

The toxic substances contained in smoke can cause genetic damage in sperm that prevent the zygote to develop normally.

Run at Least 2.5 Hours per Week and Lift Weights

cardio-exerciseRegular moderate to intense exercise can reduce the risk of ED, even in men who start this activity in adulthood.

Cardio activity is important, and lifting weights is another great way to increase testosterone levels.

See it as a way to turn on the engine in your body, so that your body learns that it has to produce more testosterone in order to respond to your daily activity requirements.

Reduce Alcohol

No alcoholYes, as much as possible.

Alcohol is one of the most common causes of low t in men. Alcohol is a big enemy for testosterone and sex drive.

Especially beer, as it contains estrogen, which is a female hormone. It's not a case that heavy beer consumers experience belly fat and man boobs.

I have to say, it is true that alcohol in small doses can reduce anxiety and has vasodilatory effects, improving erection and sexual activity.

But alcohol abuse decreases libido and testosterone levels, with all the consequent negative effects.

Improve Your Diet

Olive oil is one of the main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet meal plan.

Olive oil is one of the main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet meal plan.

Eat cereals, fruit and vegetables, fish, amino acids and antioxidants.

A great start is the Mediterranean diet, that combined with reduced calorie intake helps to increase testosterone levels and erectile function.

There is plenty to say about what to eat and what to avoid to increase testosterone naturally, and in fact I already wrote articles in the past.

Here are some that I recommend:

If you have some other great advise on how to increase testosterone levels without supplements, please share!


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