The two day workout is a great compromise between hard training and lots of recovery.

It is also perfect for those that don't have much time to go the the gym due to a very busy schedule.

The 2 day workout is particularly recommended to older people, but it doesn't mean that younger athletes can't benefit from it.

In this moment I am training two times a week and I can guarantee that the 2 day workout is giving me good results.

Here's why I like it:

  • It prevents overtraining, or fixes it
  • It provides lots of recovery
  • It forces me to prefer compound exercises (which is a plus)
  • It makes me want to give 110% at the gym

Why? Because knowing that I have only two times in a week to train I can't waste any chance, I have to push hard on those two days.

Two Day Workout for Max Recovery

As I said, the 2 day workout works very well for those that have a busy schedule and those who need more recovery than training.

Because there are only 2 days available in a week, we need to get the most from our 2 day workout, therefore we have to prefer compound exercises.

Day 1 - Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

On day one we train the upper body, front side: chest, shoulders, triceps. Two exercises per muscle group means a total of six exercises.

Totally manageable, should be done in no more than one hour.

Chest Dumbbell Bench Press 3x10 view
Chest Cable Flys (Bent Over) 3x10
Shoulders Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3x10 view
Shoulders Lateral Raises (Standing) 3x10 view
Triceps French Press 3x10 view
Triceps Cable Tricep Extensions 3x10 view

Day 2 - Legs, Back and Biceps

On the second day of our two day workout we need to squeeze in legs, back and biceps.

To be able to finish within one hour, I would just do one leg exercise, but it has to be the best.

Did you guess which one I am talking about? Yes...squats!

Legs Free Barbell Squats 3x15 view
Back Pull Ups 3x10 view
Back Low Pulley (Cable Seated Rows) 3x10
Back Reverse Flys (Pec Deck) 3x10 view
Biceps Barbell Curls 3x10 view
Biceps Seated Dumbbell Curls 2x10 view

Generally speaking the three day workout is the best compromise because you can throw in some more exercises to train specific muscles (in a 2 day workout for example I'd never waste time with calf raises, forearms training etc.).

Although, the 2 day workout makes sure that you don't overtrain, focuses on big compound exercises and allows you to recharge the batteries and find some lost motivation.

Psychologically it's a very relaxing workout program!

Any thoughts?


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4 Responses

  1. Hello Cristian, my question is this: I want to try this workout on Saturdays and Sundays, during the week I'm taking Muay Thai lessons from Monday to Thursday. Would it be ok if I did this workout Sats and Sundays? Carlos Q.
    • Cristian Cristian
      You can if you train different muscle groups each day. But 2 days in a row are not a great idea in my opinion. On Sunday your body will probably want to rest and recover.
      • But its still ok right? i mean im only busy with school and can get lots of rest in the weekdays,what do you think?
        • Cristian Cristian
          You can, but it's not ideal. If you had only two meals per week, would you eat so much 2 days in a row and starve all the rest of the week?