Best Tricep Exercises to Build Muscle Fast

Before we go explore the best tricep exercises that help you build muscle fast I want to tell you why it's very important to train your triceps if you want to make big gains with your arms size.

The Dimension of Your Arms Depends on Your Triceps

More Than Your Biceps

In fact your arm is divided into 5 muscles. Two are part of biceps and three are part of triceps. Basically triceps occupy around 2/3 of your arm size.

This makes sense right?

There is always a reason why muscle have the names they have!

Speaking of biceps, we said that every time you pull you work out your biceps, somehow.

Similarly for triceps we can safely say that

Every Time You Push, You Work Out Your Triceps

and a clear example is the bench press exercise, that involves chest, shoulders and triceps. That is a great example of compound exercise.

Tricep exercises

As the name says, triceps are composed of 3 muscles.

Depending on the tricep exercises that you do you can work out all three of them, and you can also focus more on the one that you want.


In a perfect workout routine you should always include some compound exercises (sometimes I include ONLY compound exercises in my routine!).

Assuming you do, there is at least one exercise that works your triceps.

At that point you can just do one extra isolation exercise and that's it.

Compound Exercises for Triceps

As I said, triceps are involved every time you do an exercise where you have to push.

Compound exercises are great for the reason that you can train different muscles at the same time.

The compound movements that are very effective for triceps are:

You can basically grow big arms and specifically big triceps

without even doing any isolation exercise

It's amazing to see what a wide choice of tricep workouts you can do with compound movements.

Isolation Exercises for Triceps

Between all the isolation exercises for triceps, the most popular is the French Press in all its variations: lying down on a flat bench, seated or at the cable.

If you do one or two of the compound exercises listed above you don't even need to do isolation tricep exercises for your triceps as they are already trained extensively.

That being said, I always like to include one isolation exercise in my routine.

There are really MANY tricep exercises that you can do at the gym, including lots of variations.

I've tried a lot of them, but I am going to mention only those that gave me good results.

Exercises like Tricep Extension (One Arm Dumbbell Tricep Extension, Overhead Tricep Extension, Cable Tricep Extension), Tricep Pushdown and French Press are my favorite and those that I would suggest to do if you want to build muscle fast.

For all the others, yes they're all good and sort of effective, but at least for me, not as much as these that I have just listed.

Best Tricep Exercises

Tricep Dips for Tricep Workout

Close Grip Bench Press for Tricep Workout

French Press for Tricep Workout

Tricep Extension for Tricep Workout

Tricep Pushdown for Tricep Workout


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