Tribulus Side Effects and Benefits

First things first, I am not aware of any Tribulus side effects even though I've been using it several times and I've been on a few cycles.

It's a natural product to increase libido and testosterone, but some worry about possible side effects, so I've investigated a little bit to find out the truth.

Tribulus Terrestris

Well, tribulus terrestris is a plant that grows in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, whose possible side effects are not highly publicized.

If there are some, what are the parties who have an interest in hiding them?

Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris

First of all, tribulus terrestris is commonly used to:

  • Treat erectile dysfunction
  • Increase testosterone
  • Treat blood pressure

Studies showed that this natural supplement stimulates an increase in sexual desire in rats, resulting in repeated stages of mating. It seems that this result is related to the increase in testosterone levels.

Tribulus terrestris is currently sponsored as a miraculous libido supplement.

Independent studies (made by companies that do produce such a supplement), have ensured that regular use of the extract of this plant raises our hormone levels.

Tribulus can work thanks to the relaxation of smooth muscles and the increase of blood flow responsible for erection. In this case this herb may be beneficial even to people suffering from intestinal colic.

Positive effects have also been seen on bone marrow health and immune system.

Tribulus also has antioxidant properties and were NOT found complications in its normal use.

Tribulus Side Effects

On the contrary, they have found side effects in patients who have exceeded the consumption of this plant.

They complained that they had the feeling of being hot, having slightly accelerated heartbeat and being very restless.

Though, there are tribulus side effects that can occur due to an increase in hormone levels, which concern:

  • personality disorders (high testosterone makes you more aggressive)
  • sudden and unexpected hair growth
  • vocal cord problems in women (that sound like a man)
  • cases of dilatation of the prostate (in men)

It is also known that high testosterone levels may increase the chance of prostate cancer, but it is very, very rare that tribulus increases testosterone that much.

Before you buy tribulus supplements consult with your doctor, especially if you are taking other drugs too.

The fact that today we are not aware of any other side effects does not mean that we should to take these supplements so lightly.

Overall, tribulus terrestris is a pretty safe product. As I said, I haven't experienced any side effects and I love the fact that it is a herbal supplement.

What I've noticed is that my libido definitely increased. My testosterone levels too, but I should point out that at the same time I was also doing specific trainings for testosterone purposes.

If you decide to take tribulus, don't do it for too long. Four weeks on, four weeks off is a good way to keep it effective.


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