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What Is The Best Blender Bottle For Protein Shakes?

If you have ever had to blend a protein shake on the go, you are familiar with the little metal ball found inside most blender bottles. The problem is most of the time, this shaker ball for protein shakes doesn't dissolve all of the protein mixes. What is the best blender bottle for protein shakes?…
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How to Choose Your Pre Workout Snack

Whatever sport of physical activity you do, what you eat is essential, and in this article I'll help you choose the best pre workout snack. A good pre workout snack is important for a few reasons: It provides enough energy to tackle more intense workouts It keeps the blood glucose level constant, for the proper…
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Did You Know About These High Protein Foods?

High protein foods represent a must in your diet when the primary goal is to build more muscle. And of course, you know that diet is one of the keys for a proper muscle development. The Importance of Proteins in the Diet Like you build a house with bricks, you have to build muscle with…
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Do You Fear Whey Protein Baldness Side Effects?

I recently came across an article that talked about whey protein baldness related problems, especially when making use of whey protein isolate instead of concentrate.

I have to admit that it sounded quite convincing...

You know, you read about some apparently popular universities doing all these kinds of researches, claiming that they conducted tests on hundreds of people taking whey protein isolate supplements and discovering that a certain high percentage of them experienced whey protein baldness. [...]

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Is Too Much Protein Bad for Kidneys?

A lot has been said about kidney problems due to too much protein in our diet. Some get scared and drastically reduce protein in their diet, others just choose to ignore every warning and take a chance.What is the truth, though?

Let's begin with saying that all those cold cut meats, salami, capicollo, prosciutto (very Italian here. [...]

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Pros and Cons of Whey Protein Shake Supplements

If you have ever tried to build muscle you must have got to the point where whey protein shake supplements seemed to be your last and only hope for gaining some muscle I right?

Ok maybe it wasn't your only hope, but I am sure that somebody suggested you to take whey protein or that at least you thought about it at some point. [...]

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What is Whey Protein?

I remember the first time I decided to take some supplements to improve my performances and to gain more muscle fast.

I asked around and basically everybody told me that I should have started taking  protein, whey protein to be precise.

So I did, I bought my first whey protein container and I remember asking myself. [...]

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Whey Protein – The Necessary Supplement to Build Muscle

Between all the bodybuilding supplements, whey protein is certainly the most popular. It's the supplement that sooner or later, everyone that works out seriously will try.

Proteins are the most important nutrient for people that want to gain muscle mass, because they are the muscle building bricks, and they have to be consumed in certain quantities to allow the growth. [...]

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Whey Protein Side Effects

Consuming enough protein is one of the requirements to build muscle, but consuming too much can develop some of the known whey protein side effects.

A normal person requires something like 0.5 grams of protein per pound of his or her body weight. [...]

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