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Building Size: 5 Supplement Staples for Lean Muscle Mass

Lean muscle mass is when you reduce the amount of body fat you have on your body and increase the amount of muscle tissues your body has instead. You can accomplish this task through the use of proper exercise programs, nutrient intake, and with the added assistance from supplements. Supplements generally get a bad rep…
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Do You Fear Whey Protein Baldness Side Effects?

I recently came across an article that talked about whey protein baldness related problems, especially when making use of whey protein isolate instead of concentrate.

I have to admit that it sounded quite convincing...

You know, you read about some apparently popular universities doing all these kinds of researches, claiming that they conducted tests on hundreds of people taking whey protein isolate supplements and discovering that a certain high percentage of them experienced whey protein baldness. [...]

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Which Testosterone Boosters Work Best?

When it comes to testosterone boosters I bet you start to be confused.First things first, if you decided to try some boosters you must have one of these three reasons:

  • You have been diagnosed with Low T
  • You have the symptoms of Low T
  • You just want more...let's


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How Are Zinc and Testosterone Related?

To understand why zinc and testosterone are highly related I want to recall a lesson from a popular italian doctor, which is also an ex professional bodybuilder that used to know and train with our heroes Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the '80s. [...]

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Are There Any Supplements to Lose Fat?

Supplements to lose fat are not the first thing you consider when you start a plan to lose weight.

We said that the initial approach should always be a correct diet (low carbs, low sugars, low bad fats) and some good cardio exercises combined with a proper weight lifting program. [...]

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Can a Weight Gainer Help Me Gain Weight?

I know many people that use a weight gainer to help gain some weight.

People like me, with a fast metabolism, that burn calories like crazy!

And people, that just can't seat at the table and eat big portions all the time.

Man...I've tried to eat more and more, trying to force myself to get used to it hoping that one day it'll be natural to just "crave" more food and eat more without having to "fight" my stomach. [...]

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What is Creatine?

What is creatine? What does it do? What are the benefits of creatine supplements? How much creatine should I take? Are there any creatine side effects?

All legit questions. [...]

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Whey Protein – The Necessary Supplement to Build Muscle

Between all the bodybuilding supplements, whey protein is certainly the most popular. It's the supplement that sooner or later, everyone that works out seriously will try.

Proteins are the most important nutrient for people that want to gain muscle mass, because they are the muscle building bricks, and they have to be consumed in certain quantities to allow the growth. [...]

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