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The Six Pack Abs Diet Shortcuts

I wish I could tell you that there was a specific six pack abs diet that you could follow to guarantee you results, but unfortunately there isn't.

Everybody is different, and the 6 pack abs diet that works for me might not work for you.

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Unsaturated Fatty Acids

In this page I am going to talk about unsaturated fatty acids (UFA), specifically what they are, which foods contain them and which benefits they give us.

First of all, they usually present in form of liquid vegetable oils, while saturated fatty acids are usually found in solid animal fat (the white fat in red meats for example). [...]

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Mass Building Diet

In this article I want to talk about foods for a mass building diet for those people that want to increase their muscle mass.

As I have already said (weight gain diet) a diet like that aims to increase muscle mass and only in part to increase in fat mass. [...]

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The Mediterranean Diet Menu

The Mediterranean diet menu is a type of diet that recommends the consumption of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, fiber, carbohydrates, vegetables and olive oil.

It's important to know that this diet is known throughout the world and is recommended by many nutritionists. [...]

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The Secrets of the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is based on the eating patterns proposed in the European countries of the Mediterranean basin (Italy, Southern France, Greece and Spain).

Curiously, this diet has been slightly abandoned during the economic boom of the sixties and seventies because it was considered too poor (too light). [...]

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The Metabolic Diet

The Metabolic Diet is a diet created by Dr. Mauro di Pasquale, Canadian physician from Italian origins.Like many other diets that were born in the last few years, it promises to achieve outstanding results in a short time and, as often happens, it is supported by numerous scientific studies which testify the effectiveness. [...]

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Saturated Fatty Acids

Let me guess: you're investigating saturated fatty acids because your doctor told you that your cholesterol levels are quite high and you're afraid that your diet might be the problem.And that's usually right...

First of all, we've seen that fats, or [...]

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Low Cholesterol Diet

With low cholesterol diet we mean all the foods that are recommended when your cholesterol levels are high, and those to avoid.This a very common type of diet because high cholesterol affects more people that we imagine.

Hopefully not, but if you take a blood test you may find out that your cholesterol levels are higher than you expect ( [...]

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How to Gain Weight?

How to gain weight is the typical question that every skinny guy will ask sooner or later. Being skinny is not really a luck for many of us!I really would like to know whether it is more difficult for a fat person to lose weight or for a skinny person to gain weight. [...]

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