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Unsaturated Fatty Acids

In this page I am going to talk about unsaturated fatty acids (UFA), specifically what they are, which foods contain them and which benefits they give us.

First of all, they usually present in form of liquid vegetable oils, while saturated fatty acids are usually found in solid animal fat (the white fat in red meats for example). [...]

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Saturated Fatty Acids

Let me guess: you're investigating saturated fatty acids because your doctor told you that your cholesterol levels are quite high and you're afraid that your diet might be the problem.And that's usually right...

First of all, we've seen that fats, or [...]

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Fats and Fatty Acids

Are They Really All Bad?
We always hear bad things about them, but fatty acids are important nutrients, and have vital rules in our body. What is bad, actually, is to eat too many, especially of the "wrong" type. [...]

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