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High Protein Low Carbs Means No Muscle Gains

One of the common myths that I want to dispel is that a high protein low carbs diet will help build muscle.

It's not true.

On the contrary, with a diet like that you won't make any muscle gains.
High Protein Low Carbs to Lose Weight
A high protein low carbs diet is recommended only for short periods of time if you want to lose weight. [...]

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Post Workout Snack

After a good workout, the first thing most people think about is what they're going to have as a snack. The post workout snack is kind of like the holy grail of fitness. It is the most delicious meal of the day and usually ends up being the most nutritious for what your body needs. So,…
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Belly Fat Diet – Learn the Secrets to Lose Belly Fat

Everyone today is concerned with the fat stored around their midsection. Googling "belly fat diet" will lead you to a million and one sites claiming they have the solution for you. The problem is most of these are FAD diets. They advocate "cleanses," starvation, and dehydration as a way to get rid of excess belly…
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Top 7 High Protein Vegetables You Should Start Eating Today

We all know that protein is an essential part of a healthy diet, but are there high protein vegetables? Where do you find them? Unfortunately, when you're eating a high protein diet, it can be easy to lose out on a lot of the micronutrients that come with vegetables and fruits. Why Are High Protein…
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Should I Take Protein Before Workout or After?

If you have been involved in fitness training for a while, chances are you already asked yourself whether it is better to take protein before workout or after. In fact, one of the main questions in the fitness world is: when is the best time to take proteins, before or after exercising? The answer is...both, and…
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How to Choose Your Pre Workout Snack

Whatever sport of physical activity you do, what you eat is essential, and in this article I'll help you choose the best pre workout snack. A good pre workout snack is important for a few reasons: It provides enough energy to tackle more intense workouts It keeps the blood glucose level constant, for the proper…
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10 Foods That You Can’t Miss in Your Pre Workout Meal

Are you wondering what you could eat as pre workout meal? Here are some good ideas to provide the necessary energy without feeling stuffed! Bananas, smoothies, sandwiches...yeah we all know that, but did you know about other great sources of protein and fast absorption carbs great for workouts?

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Unsaturated Fatty Acids

In this page I am going to talk about unsaturated fatty acids (UFA), specifically what they are, which foods contain them and which benefits they give us.

First of all, they usually present in form of liquid vegetable oils, while saturated fatty acids are usually found in solid animal fat (the white fat in red meats for example). [...]

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