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Pilates Leg Workout

No day on the planet is to be feared more than the day after leg day. That is until you experience the day after a Pilates Leg Workout. Pilates offers a unique blend of isometric holds and eccentric movements that will get your muscles working in ways that you never thought possible. If you are…
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7 Common Squat Mistakes to Avoid

Considering that squat is such a great exercise, I want to give you some advice about squat mistakes to avoid for two main reasons:

  • Squat can be dangerous if not performed in the right form
  • You do squat because you want results, and if you avoid common squat mistakes you can really get 100% of the efficiency and see big gains
  • If you follow this basic guideline and keep what I am going to tell you in mind you can save yourself some potential injuries and not waste time. [...]

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    Resistance Band Leg Exercises

    Are you short of ideas for resistance band leg exercises?Don't worry, I wrote this page to show how to do leg workout with resistance bands, at home, at work, when you travel etc.

    That's right, I said you can do this also at work. [...]

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    Seated Leg Press for Legs Workout

    Seated leg press Vs. 45 degree leg press, which one is better?When you have to decide I bet you get confused too...

    Does anything change? Any difference? Do they produce the same results?Truth is, they ARE very similar. [...]

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    Best Leg Exercises to Build Muscle Fast

    Do you do enough leg exercises?Do you know that legs have the biggest muscles in your body?

    I am talking about upper leg muscles:

    • Glutes
    • Quadriceps (quads)
    • Hamstrings

    even though there are two more muscles below your knees, lower leg muscles:

    • Calves
    • Tibialis


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    Home Leg Workout Ideas

    I want to talk a little bit about home leg workout ideas because I really don't think that the average Joe is going to train legs at home.

    I am sure he's doing pus ups, sit ups etc. but I bet he's not doing legs at all.There are a few leg exercises that we can do at home, and in some cases our body weight is already enough to train well. [...]

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    Lying Leg Curls for Legs Workout

    Leg curls is that exercise that works the back of your legs, those muscles called hamstrings.

    Curls is the only isolation movement that can work those muscles.Maybe you're different than me, but I find hamstring curls a hard exercise and I have less strength than I would expect, that's why lately I am trying to work that area more than usual. [...]

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    Dumbbell Leg Exercises

    Wondering about dumbbell leg exercises? I am not a big fan of leg workout with dumbbells.Yes I do calf raises and sometimes lunges, and that's pretty much it, and you?

    First things first, which leg exercises can we do with dumbbells?Here is the full list:

    • Dumbbell Squat
    • Dumbbell Lunges
    • Step Ups
    • Deadlifts/Stiff Leg Deadlifts
    • Calf Raises

    Dumbbell Squat
    Let's start from the one that I don't like. [...]

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    20 Rep Squat for Massive Gains

    If I had to choose only one exercise to cover my legs workout that would be 20 rep squat.

    I've been doing this program for quite a while and let me tell you, it's the best leg workout I've ever done.

    It's known that the best way to build mass on your legs is doing high reps. [...]

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    Free Barbell Squat for Legs Workout

    Free barbell squat is by many considered THE exercise. The best, most powerful and effective exercise to build muscle. The one that gives the average bodybuilder the greatest results in terms of muscle gains in legs and not only.

    I always get excited when I talk about free squats. [...]

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