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Concentration Curls for Bicep Workout

Between all the bicep isolation exercises, concentration curls is the one the focuses just on the biceps more than any other bicep workout out there.This is an exercise that you do one arm at the time, it can't be done with both arms together. [...]

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Cable Curls for Bicep Workout

Bicep cable curls have the same principle of dumbbell curls, with the difference that the resistance comes from the cable. Cables have the advantage of providing constant tension during the movement.

The only bicep cable exercise that doesn't have an equivalent with dumbbells is the overhead curls. [...]

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Cable Seated Row (Low Pulley Row) for Back Workout

Cable seated row is a compound exercise where the primary muscle trained is your back, precisely lats and the middle and center of your traps.It's also known as low pulley row because you execute it at the low pulley machine, using a V-bar handle that allows you to hold it with palms facing each other. [...]

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Chin Ups: Back Muscles and Bicep Workout

Wanna do some great back AND bicep exercise? The chin ups is your best bet.It's a very hard exercise, difficult to do even using just your body weight.

In fact most people need to workout at the lat machine for two or three months before they can execute chinups. [...]

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Standing Barbell Curls for Bicep Workout

Standing barbell curls is an isolation exercise for bicep workout that has the purpose of developing strength and mass of the entire bicep.In fact, the brachialis is involved as well as the frontal. [...]

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