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Dumbbell Bicep Exercises

It's finally time to show you all the dumbbell bicep exercises that you can do at home, or at the gym.There are five different main exercises, that can become seven if we consider seated and standing position for two of them.

If you want to train biceps there is one movement that you have to do: bicep curl. [...]

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Best Bicep Exercises to Build Muscle Fast

If we could we would always put bicep exercises in every session of every workout routine, yeah, because we LOVE big arms!Big biceps are the perfect image of a bodybuilder, together with pectorals.

This is what most of us, including me, think. [...]

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Seated or Standing Dumbbell Curls for Bicep Workout

There are many dumbbell curls exercises that do a great job for your biceps, I will discuss seated bicep curls and standing bicep curls in this page.I chose to group them in a unique page because they are very similar in the principle and execution. [...]

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Standing Barbell Curls for Bicep Workout

Standing barbell curls is an isolation exercise for bicep workout that has the purpose of developing strength and mass of the entire bicep.In fact, the brachialis is involved as well as the frontal. [...]

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