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T Bar Rows for Back Workout

Is your gym equipped with a T Bar rows machine?I am asking because not all the gyms I've seen were equipped with it. The typical T Bar rower is this:

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Resistance Band Back Exercises

Feeling like training your back at home? With resistance band back exercises you won't leave anything behind.You can train all the back muscles like at the gym with this complete back workout.

From lumbar muscles, to lats, rhomboids and traps. [...]

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Pec Deck Machine for Shoulder Workout

Reverse flys at the pec deck machine is my favorite exercise for rear deltoids.Yes I know, it's a weights are so much better and blah blah blah...but...

...this machine helped me develop posterior deltoids like no other free weight exercise, so I am here to suggest it to you. [...]

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Pull Ups for Back Workout

Have you done pull ups? Do you think that it's the hardest back exercise too?I don't know if I have particular difficulties doing that, if I need to build more mass on my lats or if it's just harder than other exercises.I would say the last option is the more real. [...]

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Why Do I Get Lower Back Muscle Pain and How to Treat it?

There's no doubt that lower back muscle pain is what we generally call lumbar pain (because it affects the lumbar area), or simply "back pain".

It can start either suddenly or gradually, depending on the cause that generates it.

We can divide lower back pain into two categories: with vertebral origin and non-vertebral origin. [...]

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Home Back Workout Ideas

Hmmm...without some equipment I am sorry but doing some home back workout is not going to happen.

To Work Your Back You Have to Pull Something

And what can you pull if you don't have any equipment? You need at least one of the following items to do some home back workout:

  • Dumbbells (or "equivalent" like bottle of water, milk jug...something to make weight)
  • Pull up bar
  • Resistance band


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Dumbbell Back Exercises

I decided to write this page after a friend of mine asked me what dumbbell back exercises I would suggest, because all he could think of was bent over rows.

Well, I had to think for a bit, and fortunately I came up with six exercises that are quite effective for back workout. [...]

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Deadlifts – One Exercise for Full Body Workout

If you could choose only one exercise to add to your workout, that would be deadlifts.Yes, if you had the (unreal) possibility to do only one exercise, you couldn't choose better.

This is absolutely the most complete exercise that you can imagine, because it involves a full body workout. [...]

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Cable Seated Row (Low Pulley Row) for Back Workout

Cable seated row is a compound exercise where the primary muscle trained is your back, precisely lats and the middle and center of your traps.It's also known as low pulley row because you execute it at the low pulley machine, using a V-bar handle that allows you to hold it with palms facing each other. [...]

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Chin Ups: Back Muscles and Bicep Workout

Wanna do some great back AND bicep exercise? The chin ups is your best bet.It's a very hard exercise, difficult to do even using just your body weight.

In fact most people need to workout at the lat machine for two or three months before they can execute chinups. [...]

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