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Neck Muscle Pain and How to Fix it

One of the most common types of soreness is without a doubt neck muscle pain.

I experience it sometimes, depending on the movements I do, how I sleep, the weather...but I had a car accident years ago, so I am also more exposed to it.

With neck pain we usually mean some sort of neck ache that lasts for a variable period of time, that can be days, months, and even years. [...]

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What Does Scapular Muscle Pain Mean?

Scapular muscle pain (between the shoulder blades) is a symptom that can be caused both by back problems and cervical problems, because many times the symptoms are the same.

At the same time another very frequent cause of pain scapular, is the chronic contracture of scapular muscles, upper and lower rhomboids, and sometimes even the lower trapezius, although with lower symptomatology. [...]

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How to Relieve Muscle Pain After Exercise

Muscle pain after exercise can be a problem for some and refrain them from giving 100% during workout, as they don't want to deal with pain.I don't get it.I love to feel my muscles sore after workout. You should be sore, actually. [...]

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Muscle and Joint Pain

Muscle and joint pain include aching muscles as well as arms and legs joints, and are a common pathology that affects, sooner or (especially) later, young and aging bodybuilders.

Sore muscles and aching joints can become a real problem, I'd say a "show-stopper", if you're not able to solve it quickly. [...]

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Why Do I Get Lower Back Muscle Pain and How to Treat it?

There's no doubt that lower back muscle pain is what we generally call lumbar pain (because it affects the lumbar area), or simply "back pain".

It can start either suddenly or gradually, depending on the cause that generates it.

We can divide lower back pain into two categories: with vertebral origin and non-vertebral origin. [...]

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Joint Pain Causes – Not Just Sport Injuries

Body aches, sore knees, elbows, shoulders...what are the joint pain causes?Joint pain can be due to fairly mild illnesses, such as an overuse injury or sprain that respond well to remedies like rest and self-care.

Joint pain can be due to traumatic injury (dislocation), infection (septic arthritis or rheumatic fever), autoimmune diseases (Sjogren's syndrome), chronic degenerative diseases (arthritis), or malignancy (cancer). [...]

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Joint Pain Natural Remedies

The reason why we know of quite a few joint pain natural remedies is because, sooner or later in their lives, people have always suffered from pain in their muscle and joints, and from body aches in general.

Until many years all the medications that we have today didn't exist, so they had to rely on natural remedies for basically everything, and fortunately today we can take advantage of what they discovered in the past. [...]

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What Usually Comes with Joint Pain Symptoms?

It may sound like a silly question, but usually joint pain symptoms don't always affect only our joints (knees, elbows, shoulders, hips just to name a few).Several times joint pain occurs in conjunction with other signs and symptoms that vary depending on the disease or disorder. [...]

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Coffee Joint Pain…True or Myth?

Many have recently been wondering if coffee joint pain is true or a myth after a newly released study in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases has linked joint pain with high daily consumption of coffee.

You can google it and read all about it, but essentially what came out was that consuming too much coffee regularly can (or did) increase the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. [...]

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Want to Stop Calf Muscle Pain?

If you suffer from calf muscle pain you must probably be interested in knowing that there is a natural solution, very simple and effective to relieve of this unpleasant problem.

I've learned what I am about to tell you from a great personal trainer that followed me for a few years. [...]

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