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What is Autophagy: Can It Help Me?

The newest topic in health and body cleansing seems to be Autophagy. What is Autophagy and why is it the newest buzzword in the health and fitness community? To put it simply, autophagy is cellular death. The body will go through this process to cleanse the body of bad cells and make room for good…
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Build Muscle Faster by Increasing HGH Levels

Body builders and men in general have been doing all they can to grow bigger muscles fast. They've been taking supplements, working out hard at the gym and even using steroids to accumulate those muscle fibers. It is for this reason that industry players have smiled all the way to the bank. After all, anything…
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Hgh Vs Testosterone

Hgh vs testosterone...which one is better? Which one should I get? And again, which one is safer?I'd like to give a quick but detailed explanation of both, so that we can finally understand which one does what, and what differences there are between the two. [...]

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Hormone HGH Benefits & Side Effects. Is it Worth it?

I think there is a little bit of lack of knowledge regarding Hormone HGH between bodybuilders. What I realize is that people that heard about it are fascinated by the claimed results and usually tend to abuse it.

After all, the name. [...]

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