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The Fastest Way to Burn Fat

Before I tell you about the fastest way to burn fat, I want you to imagine that our organism functions as a boiler. We introduce foods, especially fats, and we transform them into energy.

If these fats are not burned, though, because the combustion process is not working properly or because the energy provided by burning the fats is not used, this accumulates in our body in the form of fat. [...]

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5 Weight Loss Tips

Five weight loss tips to lose weight without getting it back soon after. This sounds like a dream I know.

Usually it happens that people go on crazy weight loss programs and then when they stop...there we go again, they gain weight back, again. [...]

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The Six Pack Abs Diet Shortcuts

I wish I could tell you that there was a specific six pack abs diet that you could follow to guarantee you results, but unfortunately there isn't.

Everybody is different, and the 6 pack abs diet that works for me might not work for you.

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Are There Any Supplements to Lose Fat?

Supplements to lose fat are not the first thing you consider when you start a plan to lose weight.

We said that the initial approach should always be a correct diet (low carbs, low sugars, low bad fats) and some good cardio exercises combined with a proper weight lifting program. [...]

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How to Lose Thigh Fat

I wanted to write something specific on how to lose thigh fat, but for some reasons I didn't like the article I wrote, so I asked a friend (who knows stuff), to do it for me. Enjoy!

Obesity is a disorder that has affected many people around the world. [...]

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Is it Possible to Lose Arm Fat or Lose Leg Fat?

I know several people that would like to lose arm fat and a few others that would love to lose leg fat.Not to mention how many want to lose belly fat, including me at periods.

We have talked about how to lose belly fat fast here, and I imagine that many of you are thinking that if we can burn belly fat, we can also burn fat in our arms, legs and any other area of our body that has more fat. [...]

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How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Lose belly fat fast. Is this why you are interested in starting a workout program? If so, you're going to the right direction because lifting weights is one of the best ways to get rid of the fat layer that covers your abs.

While people in their 20s start lifting weights just to get in shape and build some serious muscle mass to like themselves in the mirror and let's admit it, impress others. [...]

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The Mediterranean Diet Menu

The Mediterranean diet menu is a type of diet that recommends the consumption of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, fiber, carbohydrates, vegetables and olive oil.

It's important to know that this diet is known throughout the world and is recommended by many nutritionists. [...]

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Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

The Mediterranean diet meal plan is by most considered the ideal healthy diet to stay fit.Here are a few mediterranean diet quick facts to help you understand why it has reached its big popularity.

Many people, when they look in the mirror, do not like it because they see those unwanted pounds that do not allow them to maybe buy that dress or those stretchy pants. [...]

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The Secrets of the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is based on the eating patterns proposed in the European countries of the Mediterranean basin (Italy, Southern France, Greece and Spain).

Curiously, this diet has been slightly abandoned during the economic boom of the sixties and seventies because it was considered too poor (too light). [...]

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