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T Bar Rows for Back Workout

Is your gym equipped with a T Bar rows machine?I am asking because not all the gyms I've seen were equipped with it. The typical T Bar rower is this:

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7 Common Squat Mistakes to Avoid

Considering that squat is such a great exercise, I want to give you some advice about squat mistakes to avoid for two main reasons:

  • Squat can be dangerous if not performed in the right form
  • You do squat because you want results, and if you avoid common squat mistakes you can really get 100% of the efficiency and see big gains
  • If you follow this basic guideline and keep what I am going to tell you in mind you can save yourself some potential injuries and not waste time. [...]

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    Seated Barbell Military Press for Shoulder Workout

    Do you want to build some muscle on your shoulders? Seated barbell military press is the way.It is similar to the dumbbell shoulder press in the movement, but as far as results I think this one is even better to build that good looking rounded shape on your shoulders. [...]

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    Incline Dumbbell Bench Press for Chest Workout

    Like the incline barbell bench press also the incline dumbbell bench press is a compound exercise for your upper chest that works anterior deltoids and triceps as well.

    All you need is a 45 degrees incline bench and two dumbbells. [...]

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    Incline Bench Press for Chest Workout

    Incline bench press with barbell is the typical exercise that you do to work out your upper chest.The joints involved, like for the barbell bench press, are shoulders and elbows, while the muscles involved instead are shoulders and triceps. [...]

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    Best Chest Exercises to Build Muscle Fast

    I like pectorals. Chest exercises are probably my favorite, especially those that help to build muscle fast and increase the size of my chest......because I feel good when I can fill my t-shirt!

    Are you like me?Well it doesn't matter. [...]

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    Deadlifts – One Exercise for Full Body Workout

    If you could choose only one exercise to add to your workout, that would be deadlifts.Yes, if you had the (unreal) possibility to do only one exercise, you couldn't choose better.

    This is absolutely the most complete exercise that you can imagine, because it involves a full body workout. [...]

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    Close Grip Bench Press for Tricep Workout

    Close grip bench press is to be considered part of the compound exercises because it's just like a classic chest bench press with a closer grip that emphasize the work on the triceps instead of chest muscles.The closer the grip the more you focus on triceps, the wider the grip the more you focus on chest. [...]

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    Dumbbell Shoulder Press for Shoulder Workout

    I love doing dumbbell shoulder press because between all the shoulder exercises it's the one that so far gave me the best muscle gains.

    We're talking about a compound exercise that works your shoulders (anterior deltoid as primary muscle and lateral deltoid as secondary), and also triceps and upper traps. [...]

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