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The Best Way to Burn Fat

Sometimes we just want to know what the best way to burn fat is.

People are just tired of those commercials that promise you to lose 5 pounds a week but that never work.

People want to hear something that works, people want to see results, and here I finally want to tell you how!

First things first, generally speaking you should always remember this equation. [...]

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The Secrets of Detox Diet

Have you ever heard of detox diet?

Unfortunately, very often we look in the mirror and we see changes that we didn't want to see...ugly fat localized in certain areas. In women most times it is concentrated especially in the thighs and hips. [...]

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The Secrets of Atkins Diet

Atkins diet is a diet low in carbohydrate , which aims to meet the energy demands through fats and proteins.

The American cardiologist Robert C. Atkins devised this diet plan in the '70s to prevent and control [...]

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The Best Dietary Foods that You Can’t Miss!

Especially if we want to start a diet "do it yourself", the first thing you need to do is keep in mind what the best dietary foods are, or at least the ones that are the most useful for weight loss.
Water is the #1 in the Best Dietary Foods

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