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Anaerobic vs Aerobic Exercise, Which One is Better?

I am often asked anaerobic vs aerobic exercises questions by people that would like to start doing some training (or workout), but don't really know what to do (or why). If you don't know either, or if you'd like to learn more about the benefits of these two types of training, this article may be…
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This is Why You Should Do Cardio for Weight Loss

Aerobic exercises such as walking, running and swimming are clear example of physical activities where big muscles masses are involved (i.e. leg muscles), allowing you to burn a lot of calories. This is why, besides diet, you should consider doing cardio for weight loss.

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Is it Possible to Lose Arm Fat or Lose Leg Fat?

I know several people that would like to lose arm fat and a few others that would love to lose leg fat.Not to mention how many want to lose belly fat, including me at periods.

We have talked about how to lose belly fat fast here, and I imagine that many of you are thinking that if we can burn belly fat, we can also burn fat in our arms, legs and any other area of our body that has more fat. [...]

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How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Lose belly fat fast. Is this why you are interested in starting a workout program? If so, you're going to the right direction because lifting weights is one of the best ways to get rid of the fat layer that covers your abs.

While people in their 20s start lifting weights just to get in shape and build some serious muscle mass to like themselves in the mirror and let's admit it, impress others. [...]

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Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

If you're here hoping to find some exercises to lose belly fat that are not the classic sit ups and body crunches...congratulations!Congratulations because you must have discovered that they don't work and because you're finally looking for something that can give you some noticeable results and finally reduce that waist line and fit in your jeans again. [...]

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Diet and Exercise for Heart Disease Prevention

We all know that diet and exercise are the most important factors to be healthy and in good shape.But if that result is not appealing enough, here is another benefit: eating healthy and exercising are also a form of heart disease prevention. [...]

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