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Does Height Matter When You Try to Build Muscle?

One thing that many people wonder is: does height matter when you are trying to build muscle?

The answer is YES, but maybe not how you would expect.

Typical scenario: two friends, a tall person and a short person, both skinny, start working out, doing the same exercises. [...]

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Does Training Legs Help Building Upper Body Muscles?

You've probably heard that training legs helps building upper body muscles.

Is it true? Or is it a myth?
There are no studies that confirm that, so any answer would be based on opinions or personal experience
As always, I'll give you my personal opinion. [...]

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Why Too Much Cardio Equals No Muscle Gains

Some cardio is good for your heart and health, but too much cardio is bad for your muscle.

One day a friend of mine was complaining that, although he was eating much more than me, he couldn't build any muscle while I was getting bigger quickly.

That was some years ago, btw. [...]

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Do I Have to Work Out Forearms?

The topic I want to discuss today is forearms: do I have to work out forearms or could I even ignore them?

Forearms are that type of muscle that I consider on the same level of calfs...

...which means...

...I don't work them out. [...]

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How Long to Rest Between Sets to Build Muscle?

The other day at the gym I was talking to a dude and our topic was how long you should rest between sets when you train.

As always (and this is the type of answer that I hate) depends!

I am sure you hate it too when you ask a question and they say "it depends". [...]

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What’s the Ideal Workout Duration?

What I want to talk about today is How long should I train per workout? and basically What is the ideal workout duration that allows me to build muscle faster?

I think there is a little bit of ignorance around this concept, I don't mean it in a bad way, I just mean that most people don't really know. [...]

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