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Did You Know About These High Protein Foods?

High protein foods represent a must in your diet when the primary goal is to build more muscle. And of course, you know that diet is one of the keys for a proper muscle development. The Importance of Proteins in the Diet Like you build a house with bricks, you have to build muscle with…
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Building Size: 5 Supplement Staples for Lean Muscle Mass

Lean muscle mass is when you reduce the amount of body fat you have on your body and increase the amount of muscle tissues your body has instead. You can accomplish this task through the use of proper exercise programs, nutrient intake, and with the added assistance from supplements. Supplements generally get a bad rep…
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Some Simple Core Workouts for Women to Do at Home

A lot of my readers are female, and today I want to answer the question if core workouts for women are the same recommended for men. I think they mostly want to know about core workouts for women to do at home, because that's where most moms would like to train. Life if busy with…
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Anaerobic vs Aerobic Exercise, Which One is Better?

I am often asked anaerobic vs aerobic exercises questions by people that would like to start doing some training (or workout), but don't really know what to do (or why). If you don't know either, or if you'd like to learn more about the benefits of these two types of training, this article may be…
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Tricep Dips for Tricep Workout

It looks like an easy exercise, but tricep dips is something that few people can do in their first 2 or 3 months of training.You basically rely on your triceps to lift your whole body weight. This is why some gyms provide a pad and a stack of weights to help you with the lift. [...]

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Whey Protein – The Necessary Supplement to Build Muscle

Between all the bodybuilding supplements, whey protein is certainly the most popular. It's the supplement that sooner or later, everyone that works out seriously will try.

Proteins are the most important nutrient for people that want to gain muscle mass, because they are the muscle building bricks, and they have to be consumed in certain quantities to allow the growth. [...]

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