7 Common Squat Mistakes to Avoid

Considering that squat is such a great exercise, I want to give you some advice about squat mistakes to avoid for two main reasons:

  1. Squat can be dangerous if not performed in the right form
  2. You do squat because you want results, and if you avoid common squat mistakes you can really get 100% of the efficiency and see big gains
Squat mistakes

Beginners do this a lot. Converging knees is one of the most common squat mistakes

If you follow this basic guideline and keep what I am going to tell you in mind you can save yourself some potential injuries and not waste time.

Now I know that in this page you want to know about the top squat mistakes, so it should be a list of things like curve your spine, don't breath properly, don't look straight etc...

They are the real mistakes indeed, but I prefer to say what you should do correctly...

In the end of the day, you make a big squat mistake if you fail to do the following.

Avoid These Squat Mistakes to Avoid Injuries

1. Do Not Curve Your Spine

The first thing I want to point out is that you should never curve your spine when you do squats.

I want to insist on this because every time I go to the gym I see some of the worst squat forms ever.

Some people start well, but I observe them and I notice that as they lower their body they curve their back. That is the best way to injury your back (discs, hernia and so on).

If you lower your butt too much it's physically impossible to keep your back straight, so I'd rather stop before (but at least parallel) and make sure that my back is straight.

2. Improper Breathing

Squat is a "heavy duty" exercise and therefore it requires a lot of energy, if you do squats then you should know how hard it is.

Your brain needs oxygen, and so does the rest of your body. If you don't take your time and breath deeply and properly between reps you put yourself in danger.

It's not rare to feel like your fainting after squats if you don't breath properly.

3. Not Moving the Barbell Vertically

Imagine to watch yourself from the side while you do squats. Now keep this in mind: the barbell should always move vertically, like if it was guided.

Barbell and ankles should always be on the same line.

To do that, when you start squatting you have to push your butt back, towards the outside and arch your back (belly in, chest out)

4. Wrong Head Position

Many people don't do this, and it's dangerous. It's one of the top squat mistakes.

Your spine has to stay straight, remember the advice #1?

If you look at your feet, that's a red flag. Your spine is straight for the major part, but then your neck bends forward and that can pinch some nerves or compress some discs.

The best thing to do is to just keep a natural position. My best suggestion is to just do squat in front of a mirror and look at yourself in the eyes.

Not up at the ceiling, not at your feet...just look straight.

5. Lifting Heels From the Ground

A proper squat form requires to push with your heels instead of the plant of your feet.

Some people use to keep a wood bar under their heels to make sure that they are the two spots of greater pressure.

Like the barbell should be aligned with your ankles all the time, also the points of bigger pressure has to be on that line. Therefore, press with your heels.

6. Knees That Gp Pass the Tip Toes

Some people have the habit to squat down and bend their knees in such a way that they end up ahead of the tip toes.

That is dangerous because it puts too much pressure on the ankles, and it prevents you also from pushing hard on the heels.

If your barycenter is too forward it's a sign that you're not squatting properly.

7. Curving the Shoulders

The barbell should rest on your traps, not on your neck. You need to try some different spots with an unloaded barbell before you start, and find your right spot.

One thing is certain, you need to squeeze your shoulder blades so that the bar can rest nicely on your traps. By doing so you avoid hurting your shoulder bones.


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