It’s Time to Share Some Workout Tips.

I finally decided to summarize the best workout tips that I learned during the past few years.

I consider the following list like a shortcut to build muscle the right way. Are you ready?

Some of these things will probably sound familiar to you, I am sure you've heard them many times before, but I am positive that you will learn something new too. [...]

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The Importance of Muscle Failure to Build Muscle Fast

The fourth of my muscle building tips is that you should always push to muscle failure.

Remember that your body is always adapting to fight the stress that you apply to it.If you perform your reps using a weight that allows you to do 6-8 reps only, doing a failure set means that you have to get to the point where you almost can't do the last rep. [...]

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How Many Sets and Reps to Build Muscle Fast?

How many sets and reps should I do?Now that you started working out at home or at the gym you are probably asking yourself this question.

This is an important aspect of your workout because based on how many sets or reps you do you are going to see big results or no results at all. [...]

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The Principle of Muscle Confusion

The principle of muscle confusion is one of the best ways to build muscle fast because it contrasts the tendency of the body to adapt to our workouts and stop being responsive.

What does it mean, you're asking...

Keep in mind that our body has the great ability to adapt to the changes that we apply to it. [...]

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Lift Heavy Weights to Boost Testosterone

They always suggest you to exercise, but I want to specify to lift heavy weights if you want to boost your testosterone..Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is also found in women in smaller amounts. [...]

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Why the Correct Exercise Form is So Important…

Do you do the correct exercises? Do you concentrate on the exercise form?If you want to build muscle fast you shouldn't focus on small muscles because even if they look nice they won't help you build a lot of mass.

You have to focus on big muscles like legs, back muscles and pectorals. [...]

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Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Not either or... We want both: build muscle and burn fat.That's how we can have back our real body. The body we used to have when we didn't even care of what we were eating or doing to stay in shape.

There was a time when the word diet was pronounced only by our mom and her friends. [...]

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