Seated Leg Press for Legs Workout

Seated leg press Vs. 45 degree leg press, which one is better?When you have to decide I bet you get confused too...

Does anything change? Any difference? Do they produce the same results?Truth is, they ARE very similar. [...]

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Best Leg Exercises to Build Muscle Fast

Do you do enough leg exercises?Do you know that legs have the biggest muscles in your body?

I am talking about upper leg muscles:

  • Glutes
  • Quadriceps (quads)
  • Hamstrings

even though there are two more muscles below your knees, lower leg muscles:

  • Calves
  • Tibialis


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To Bulk Up Legs, This Works Like Crazy

I am glad to see, sometimes, people trying to bulk up legs.

It's not something you hear all the time because, as we all know, legs are not usually a top priority for the "average" weight lifter.

Most of the people I see at the gym focus on top body muscles like chest, back, shoulders and arms and don't give legs the attention that they deserve. [...]

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Does Training Legs Help Building Upper Body Muscles?

You've probably heard that training legs helps building upper body muscles.

Is it true? Or is it a myth?
There are no studies that confirm that, so any answer would be based on opinions or personal experience
As always, I'll give you my personal opinion. [...]

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