The Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Most of the men that suffer the symptoms of low testosterone probably don't even know it.

That's an unfortunate truth, I wish I could reach all those men out there with low T symptoms and have them read this page.

Not Feeling Like the Man You Used to Be?

You May Have Low T (Low Testosterone)

Symptoms of low testosterone

Healthy man on the left, symptoms of low testosterone on the right

The reason why this medical condition is so often non-diagnosed is because its symptoms are so similar to other conditions.

I want to go straight to the point and explain what the symptoms of low testosterone are.

Do You Suffer Any of These Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

As I said in another page, I suffered of low T in the past and let me tell you that I really had a horrible time. Then I'll tell you how I managed to increase my testosterone levels naturally.

To know if you suffer of low T tell me if you have any of these symptoms:

  • Low sex drive
  • Lack of energy
  • Body changes (loss of muscle mass, increased body fat, loss of bone density)
  • Mood changes (depression, grumpiness, irritability)
  • Sexual dysfunction

If you suffer at least one of these symptoms you may have low testosterone.

You can't tell for sure until you do a blood test, but if you recognize one of those conditions i strongly suggest to go talk to your doctor.

I did because I was tired of feeling so tired (low T gave me sleeping problems making me tired all the time) and for having no more sex drive. For my age (early 30s) that was not acceptable.

That was probably the worst of the symptoms of low testosterone that I personally experienced.

Low Sex Drive

People often think this is part of aging, but it's not.

Aging causes ED (erectile dysfunction)

Low testosterone causes low sex drive

That's right, low testosterone affects the interest in sex as well as the ability (only as a consequence), while ED affects only the ability to perform sexually.

Symptoms of low testosterone

Symptoms of low testosterone: low sex drive

It may happen that you have low sex drive without having low testosterone.

It may be caused because you just had a fight with your partner for example.

Maybe there is too much stress in your life that makes you lose desire sometimes.

When you don't know why and everything seems fine, a bell should ring in your mind: is it low T?

Don't wait too long before you go to check your levels. It takes a couple of days to get the results and it can save you a lot of troubles.

Loss of physical intimacy could be a source of difficulty in a relationship.

If you find out that you have low T you CAN solve your problems. If you don't know it you just stress yourself out thinking that you are not able to perform any more, and maybe you do nothing because you can't find the courage to talk to your doctor...

Lack of Energy

Also this symptoms may be not be part of aging and could lead to difficulty doing daily routine tasks.

In my experience, low T gave me sleep problems. Although I was tired I couldn't get good sleeps.

Hard to fall asleep, wake up in the middle of the night and being unable to sleep again was just normal to me.

Which made me even more tired.

Again, increasing testosterone levels will improve your sleep quality too.

Body Changes

Loss of muscle mass, inability to build muscle, increased body fat (especially belly fat and man boobs) and loss of bone density are other horrible symptoms of low testosterone.

Yeah, but do you know if you have lost bone density?

The thing is, you don't know until you break some bone.

You know those elders that break a leg, or their hips just because of a "harmless" fall? That will happen to you if you don't cure your testosterone.

If you live together with your symptoms and do nothing to change...your bones are going to become weaker and weaker while you age.

Symptoms of low testosterone

Symptoms of low testosterone: increased fat


Speaking of's known that bodybuilders with high testosterone can build lean muscle mass fast and easily.

It's also known that men that had low T and had testosterone replacement therapy started to increase their muscle mass like never before.

If you plan to increase testosterone naturally you won't see such fast improvements, but it's a much healthier approach, trust me.

If you have low T it's better to try to increase it rather than taking supplements to lose fat.

Mood Changes

Well, you don't have to be a genius to imagine why when you have all the other symptoms you end up being in bad mood more often than usual.

This is true, it happened to me.

I was grumpy, stressed out, everything made me irritated very easily and in no time.

High testosterone makes you aggressive, makes you an alpha male just to be clear, but that's different than being irritable.

Depression is another consequence of low T. Increase your testosterone and you'll be happier overall, you will see life under a different light.

You'll feel a general well being. That was lost for me too.

Now I solved my problems by following a certain life style (especially a good testosterone diet) and workout routine that includes to lift heavy weights and to keep my workouts short and intense.

I am definitely more interested in every aspect of my life.

Sexual Dysfunction

It can cause failure to get an erection, or the cause of weak erections.

The good new's only the consequence of low T (if you don't have another disease).

If you fix one, you fix the other.

Together with the low libido is one of the worst symptoms of low testosterone in men, I guess you're thinking "Yes yes...definitely!".

Another consequence of low T is that it will eventually affect your sperm count and fertility.

Spread the voice, if you think that you or someone you now have symptoms of low testosterone tell them what the cause could be!

The solution exists and it's easy, the doctor will give you the right directions...and just need to put a little effort, but believe me...

It's Well Worth It!


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