Are There Any Supplements to Lose Fat?

Supplements to lose fat are not the first thing you consider when you start a plan to lose weight.

We said that the initial approach should always be a correct diet (low carbs, low sugars, low bad fats) and some good cardio exercises combined with a proper weight lifting program.

But if that is taking so long?

The consequence #1 is that you lose motivation before you lose fat.

This is probably why most people give up.

Supplements to lose fat

Wondering if supplements to lose fat work? Let's find out...

Depending on your body type it could take a quite short time to burn fat, and in that case you don't need to read the rest of this page, or it could take months and months and you feel like you're wasting your time.

If you are already following a healthy diet and workout program and you're here to find out if there are any supplements to lose fat that could help you speed up the process, your body type is probably endomorph.

To be clear, the body type that tends to gain weight easily.

An endomorph body type tries to fight all your efforts of losing weight and makes it much harder for you.

Don't feel like you're wasting time or that you're not doing things properly. It just takes much longer for you.

Some Supplements to Lose Fat Can Help

It is very normal to feel frustrated, especially when you see your buddies that dropped their weight and fat percentage in just a few months and instead you're stuck there.

Fortunately, like there are weight gainers and stuff like that, there are also some supplements to lose fat too.

I have the opposite problem, my body type is between ectomorph and mesomorph.

That means that I am tendentially skinny but I can build some muscle fast with some weight lifting and supplements.

There was a time that I stuffed myself with food, supplements, all kind of calories just to bulk up and put weight on and convert it to muscle mass with exercise.

I managed to do that but the down side was that I lost definition and put on some fat too.

So I was basically skinny with a belly and...I didn't look good at all.

I didn't want to do too much cardio and burns some muscle too, or cut my calories so much that I would have had to drop weights.

That was the perfect scenario to try some supplements to lose fat for me.

I discovered that there are 2 main properties that supplements to lose fat have:

  • Boost your testosterone level
  • Speed up your metabolism

Testosterone Boosters

Starting from the first, which is my favorite for a bunch of reasons, I would encourage you to read my Symptoms of Low Testosterone article to find out why it is always recommended to keep your level in the normal range.

At this point you should know or remember that one of the symptoms of low testosterone is body changes.

Specifically, increased body fat. Especially, belly fat.

If you take some supplements that help you increase your testosterone, one of the results is that you will be able to build muscle more easily and burn fat.

High Testosterone = Low Fat


Here I want to list some of the best sellers testosterone boosters, based on numerous reviews:

Something you should know is that testosterone boosters work if you're 30-35 and older. If you're in you're 20s your testosterone level is at its peak anyway and they are not really effective to increase it more.

Click here to know more about testosterone boosters and whether they can help you based on your age.

Metabolism Enhancers

The other category of fat burners rely on the metabolic enhance. The faster your metabolism, the more fat you burn.

Speaking of testosterone boosters, they raise your testosterone naturally and fat loss is a consequence.

Fat burners are instead the real supplements to lose fat, and more likely what you were looking for.

Here a list of the highest rated supplements to lose fat:

They seem to work pretty good for most, and they are the highest rated products. The reviews are very encouraging, here are a few:

I sweat like crazy on this stuff. I didnt even have to be working out. It definately got rid of my water weight and helped alot since I was stuck at the same body fat for awhile (Pharmafreak Ripped Freak)

Definitely felt a difference in my work outs, helped provide energy but overall no side effects when I took this product (BioRhythm Olio)

So much science has been put into this product, I feel amazing and am getting the results i want! (Metabolic Nutrition Synedrex)

Amazingly it seems that there are some supplements to lose fat that actually work!

The best advice I can give you before you buy some supplements is always the the reviews first!


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