Stomach Vacuum Exercise for a Flat Stomach

Stomach vacuum is a simple but powerful exercise to get a flat belly without killing sit ups sessions, and yet very few people know about it.

Sometimes, despite diet and exercise, many people continue to have a "swollen abdomen", even when there are no extra pounds.

What to do when after a year of diet and workout, reached the desired weight and lost all the pounds too, we find ourselves still with a protruding abdomen? If there is no more belly excess fat and your abs are sculpted and are clearly visible, what should you do to get the desired flat stomach?

A solution comes to us from Yoga and Bodybuilding: stomach vacuum.

Stomach vacuum is an exercise, derived from yoga, created to strengthen the abdominal muscles , but particularly it is well-known for its ability to fight the abdominal prolapse, the tendency of the abdomen to protrude...the so-called swollen belly.

Stomach VacuumDue to these characteristics, stomach vacuum found great success in bodybuilding during the 70's; it was in fact used by bodybuilders in vogue in those years, in order to give a flat appearance to the abdomen and to counteract its tendency to stick out.

A protruding abdomen is a common problem, not just for bodybuilders, also people who follow other sports and of course those who have a sedentary lifestyle suffer from it.

Often the protruding abdomen is a consequence, in addition to food issues, of bad habits as well, in particular regarding the posture during the hours of work or study.

People who spend a lot of time at the computer or sitting to study, suffer from a weakening of the abdominal muscles and are often victims of the "swollen belly" problem.

Stomach vacuum can be very useful to give a " flat stomach" to all those who suffer from this annoying problem.

Stomach vacuum is basically an exceptional exercise to strengthen all the abdominal muscles, particularly the internal abdominal, but that takes a bit of practice to execute it properly and obtain the desired benefits.

  • Stomach vacuum has to be performed standing with hands on hips or resting on a bench (in front of you).
  • The legs should be slightly apart and bent. Your torso should be slightly bent forward.
  • Inhale and exhale quickly subsequently all the air from the lungs. Tilt your torso slightly forward and sunken the abdomen: pull your belly inward and upward, trying to bring it to the chest cavity.
  • Hold this position, with the abdomen contracted, holding your breath for 3-5 seconds.
  • Inhale and repeat.

Stomach vacuum is a difficult exercise and can bring in some dizziness.

Execute stomach vacuum cautiously, start with a set of 6-8 reps aiming to 10-15 reps.

Do around 12 reps of stomach vacuum 3-4 times a week and you will see your belly flatten out quickly!

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