Some Simple Core Workouts for Women to Do at Home

A lot of my readers are female, and today I want to answer the question if core workouts for women are the same recommended for men.

I think they mostly want to know about core workouts for women to do at home, because that's where most moms would like to train.

core workouts for womenLife if busy with kids, I know!

So, if you can work out between their naps, or while they watch some TV, that is going to happen at home.

So let's begin with some basics.

Well trained abs, the right diet to reduce fat storage and, last but not least, water retention are the three main factors to get a flat belly

Knowing a series of exercises that can be done at home is also useful to everybody.

Sometime even I struggle because I can't find the time to go to the gym, so it must be much harder for stay at home moms.

So here it is, a useful list of simple core workouts for women and some tips.

Best Core Workouts for Women

Before explaining which exercises are best and how to perform them, I want to clarify how alone they will not be enough.

Between the stomach muscles and the skin there is always a thin or thick layer of fat that you have to reduce in order to show what's underneath, the six pack.

The elimination of abdominal fat is only possible by combining anaerobic workout (running, cycling, swimming etc.) lasting at least 30-60 minutes, 3 times a week.

At the end of this phase and before stretching, finally, it will be possible to start the ab exercises.

Here's what I think it's best as core workouts for women:

bicycle exercise
Bicycle Crunches: back on the ground, hands behind your head, legs up off the ground. Start doing the bicycle motion.
Ab Leg Raise
Leg raise: again, on your back and with your arms extended at your sides raise your legs straight up, to a 90 degree angle with the floor. Slow return the legs to the ground. I would slightly bend my knees throughout the movement.
scissors workout straight
Scissors: on your back, place your arms at your sides (for balance) and raise your legs from the ground just enough to allow the legs movement, which is up and down. You can put your hands under the gluts to improve balance, and you can also twist your legs in and out rather than up and down.
Body Crunches
Crunch: back on the floor, arms bent and hands behind your head. Shrug your shoulders and, at the same time, bring your knees towards the stomach. Alternatively, leave your feet on the floor and just lift your upper back from the floor.
Cross Body Crunch
Alternating Crunch: get back into the starting position of the crunch and twist your body so that one elbow will go towards the opposite knee.
Jackknife: with your back on the floor, raise your arms above your head (parallel to the floor) and keep your legs straight. Then raise your legs (slightly bent) and body, so that you can reach your feet with your hands.

I would also recommend you get an ab workout wheel. It's a tough exercise, but man it works! It's one of those where you really feel the burn.

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For each of these core workouts for women it is necessary to do 3 sets of 15 /20 reps.

This program requires about 10 minutes of your time and you might also do it every day, even during the days of aerobic break from training.

A further measure to maintain active metabolism is to move a lot: get up from the chair, take a quick walk, take the stairs instead of elevators...

Working Out Is Not Enough Though...

One may think that by doing these core workouts for women over and over she could one day show a lovely flat and firm belly.

Hmmm...she might, if she is naturally a skinny girl.

But usually there is some layer of fat that covers the six pack, so even if they work out every day, it may look like nothing was achieved.

Core workouts for women must be integrated with healthy diet and cardio activity.

Don't forget to drink lots of water, and don't forget to eat!

Especially after a certain age, 35-38, reducing the daily calorie intake may obtain the opposite undesired result: increase fat storage and slow down metabolism.

It's just a self defense mechanism of our body.

I hope you'll find these core workouts for women useful, and if integrated with healthy diet and lifestyle I am sure they'll start working!


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