Six Pack Belly Shortcuts to Be Like Sylvester Stallone

For men who like to be muscular and always show their six pack belly physique, an icon to be admired is undoubtedly the legendary Sylvester Stallone in 66 years old - he will turn 67 in July 2013 - who still has chest and arms like a wrestler.

Sylvester Stallone Six Pack BellyThe American actor was in February on the big screen with his latest film, "Jimmy Bobo", in the role of a killer who kills for a fee in  Bullet to the Head.

The man sees his business partner being killed and joins forces with a cop whose partner was murdered by the criminals, to uncover the truth and do justice. For those, like Sylvester who want to flaunt a six pack belly, with a "turtle" attached, here is some helpful advice.

Six Pack Belly Shortcut #1: Lower Your Body Fat Percentage

To see perfect abs you have to lower your body fat percentage below 10% (for men) and under 17% (for women). A goal to reach with a diet rich in sugars from fruits and vegetables followed by short but intense workouts.

Six Pack Belly Shortcut #2: Planks as an Exercise for the Abs

Planks are great exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles isometrically. You can start with about twenty seconds, and then extend this time indefinitely. Many people think that the only existing ab exercise is sit ups. Planks are very effective and a good alternative, especially if doing sit ups hurt your back.

Trx suspension training: the trick of Bar Refaeli to sculpt your abs

Six Pack Belly Shortcut #3: Long-Distance Running and Interval Training

It 'a great way to burn belly fat and get abs sculpture: to start, run one minute at high speed and two minutes at more contained speed. Repeat this exercise for at least three sessions. I discourage people from doing too much cardio though, because too much cardio equals no muscle gains, while we want to burn fat, not muscle!

Workouts Circuit

These are the exercises in which there is no break between one and the other: so they burn more calories than traditional exercises in series. The circuits also help to save time and to do the workout in 15-20 minutes.

Six Pack Belly but No Flat Belly???

An interesting aspect is that sometimes you may achieve your goal of a six pack belly still don't have a flat belly! You can see the six pack belly when you hold your abs tight, but when you relax your belly suddenly looks..."inflated".

Fortunately there is an important and often unknown exercise that can help: stomach vacuum for a flat six pack belly!

Follow these step and start seeing improvements, instead if you already have a six pack belly tell did you do?

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