Why You Should Do Short Training Sessions to Build Muscle Fast

Short training sessions (short workouts) are one of the keys of building muscle fast.

When you start to workout your body starts to release HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and Testosterone, which are anabolic hormones.

When you workout in anabolic state you increase your chances to build muscle fast.

It has been demonstrated that after 27 minutes or workout you reach the pick of anabolic hormones production. Basically that means that it's the time of maximum effectiveness of your workout.

The anabolic state drops around 45 minutes after you started "pumping iron". After 45 minutes your testosterone production decreases along with the production of HGH.

At that point your body starts producing another hormone, cortisol, which is unfortunately a catabolic hormone.

Why Short Training is Better

high intensity short training sessions

This will basically "eat" muscles in your body and increases the storage of body fat.

This is why it is strictly necessary that you consider doing short training sessions, 45 minutes max.

Short training sessions also allow you to focus more on the exercises that you have to do.

If you enter the gym knowing that you have to face 2 hours of weight lifting and a schedule of 10 exercises or more you are likely to lose interest in what you're doing after a very short time.

Not to mention how soon you get tired and are unable to give 100%.

After at the most 1 hour your energy level drops and it would be useless to perform exercises if you use 60 or 70% of your strength.

Bodybuilding is effective only if you give all you have!

Short workouts also allow you to recover faster, and be ready sooner for your next session.

Recovery is crucial for building muscle.

We can safely say that 35% of your muscle growth happens when you workout, and 65% happens when you rest. When you sleep, that's whenyou truly grow.

I know that you're temped to go to gym every day, and I have said it's not a good idea because you don't want to over train, right?

If you keep your workouts short then you can basically afford to train more often because you don't stress your body so much and you allow it to rest properly.

After a short workout you are less tired and can be ready sooner.


Let's make sure you got the point. Keep in mind these factors:

  1. Keep your workouts short, maximum 45 minutes (of course excluding initial warm up)
  2. Maximize the anabolic effects of Testosterone and HGH during the first 45 minutes (and avoid the opposite catabolic effects of cortisol that happen after 45 minutes)
  3. Get the rest that your body needs to heal and recover

Training for longer than 45 minutes will only cancel all the good stuff that you just did and do more damage to your muscles than not training at all!

Long trainings are also dangerous for your muscles and joints as they are put under too much stress and the risk of injuries increases exponentially.


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3 Responses

  1. hello Cristian, I just found your blog, thank you for posting all these info, it is pretty helpful, I have been trainning for about 8 weeks, with this work out program Freeletics, do you happen to know about this, it says it is a high intensity work out, after 8 weeks I am starting to see results.
    • Cristian Cristian
      Hi, no, I've never heard of it!
  2. Avatar dan
    Hi, the past month i have gotten into the habit of training for 2 to 3 hours per day 5 days a week, mostly becuase people keep talking to me all the time. I havnt lost weight but my muscles have gotten very flat and small lately could htis be catabolic effects of over training and for too long?