Resistance Band Shoulder Exercises

Resistance band shoulder exercises offer a full and extremely efficient workout for the shoulder muscles.

There are three areas remember? Front, lateral and rear deltoids.

Resistance Band Shoulder Exercises - Lateral Raises End

Lateral raises...easy resistance band shoulder exercises

With resistance bands we can target the workout on each area of the shoulders with these exercises:

  • Shoulder Press
  • Front Raises
  • Lateral Raises
  • Reverse Flys

Resistance Band Shoulder Press Exercise

I see no difference between resistance band shoulder exercises and cable or dumbbell shoulder exercises.

What is possible to do with these is also possible with elastics. I love to work out my shoulders with resistance bands because I feel the burn like when I am at the gym.

Shoulder Press

Let's start with shoulder press because it's the most complete exercise for shoulders and it is also a compound exercise, which makes it very beneficial.

Resistance band shoulder press is performed in standing position.

Step on the elastic in a spot that allows each end to provide the same resistance. Grab the handles and bring them in front of your shoulders with your palms facing forward.

Your feet should be shoulder width and your knees slightly bent. This is the initial position.

To execute the exercise push up extending your arms almost completely. Not totally, to keep the tension in the muscles.

Then lower the two handles slowly, exhaling, till they are beside your ears (or till your elbows form a 90 degree angle).

Don't lower your hands down to your shoulders because it stretches the deltoids too much and it doesn't really add benefit to the exercise, so it's better to be safe than risking injuries.

Resistance Band Shoulder Press Start

Shoulder press is the most complete of all resistance band shoulder exercises

Standing Shoulder Press - End

There is another way to do this exercise.

You can fix the rubber band to a mid-height anchor, then bend over and basically push in the same direction of your upper body, like this:

Resistance Band Shoulder Press 2 End

Bent Over Shoulder Press

Raise Resistance Band Shoulder Exercises

The following three are isolation exercises that target front, lateral and rear deltoids respectively.

Front Raises

With front raises we train the anterior deltoids, like we do with cable and dumbbell front raises at the gym.

There is no difference really, but in my experience, I feel more burn with elastics!

The initial position is standing, then step on the elastic, grasp the handles and extend your arms along your sides with palms facing backwards.

The raise one arm at the time (alternate front raises) or both together, and stop when you reach the height of your shoulders (or also a bit higher but not too much).

Then return to the initial position, slowly.

Resistance Band Front Raises Start
Resistance Band Front Raises Right End
Resistance Band Front Raises Left End

I prefer alternate front raises over using both arms together, but that's just my preference because I feel more stable on my feet.

Lateral Raises

With lateral raises we target lateral deltoids, those that help us look wider in our shirts.

The initial position is the same as just described above for front raises, with the difference that the palms face your body.

For the execution, raise your arms together laterally, till you reach your shoulders height, like in the pictures below.

Resistance Band Lateral Raises Start
Resistance Band Lateral Raises End

Please note that each hand should grasp the opposite handle.

Reverse Flys

The last of our resistance band shoulder exercises is reverse flys, an isolation exercise for rear deltoids, but also for the rhomboids, which makes it a resistance band back exercise as well.

The movement is the exact opposite of the chest flys, hence the name reverse flys.

My favorite way to do it is by anchoring the elastic to a mid-height hook and execute the reverse flys from standing upright position.

In the version that I describe, step back extending your arms forward with palms facing each other, till you feel that the elastic is in tension.

Then slightly bend your knees and keep your back rigid and straight.

At that point open your arms for the reverse fly, and stop when they pass your shoulders. Just try to squeeze your shoulder blades.

Resistance Band Reverse Fly Start
Resistance Band Reverse Fly End

Standing Reverse Fly

The classic form of this exercise is bending over, 90 degrees ideally, without curving your back.

Same exercise, different way:

Resistance Band Bent Over Reverse Fly Start
Resistance Band Bent Over Reverse Fly End

Bent Over Reverse Fly

Please note that your arms are not completely extended but slightly bent to relieve stress from your elbows.

In these pictures I bend forward a little bit because the hook is a bit lower than my shoulders.

The key is to form a 90 degree angle between your arms and your body.


I hope you enjoyed this resistance band shoulder exercises guide for front, lateral and rear deltoids.

There's really nothing to add, except that you can use a door handle to do reverse flys if you don't have a railing available like in my case.

If you don't have rubber bands to use, or if you have only one pair and are tired of using the same resistance level all the time, follow my advice and go ahead with these stackable ones for your resistance band shoulder exercises!


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