Resistance Band Chest Exercises

Can we do enough resistance band chest exercises to train all the areas of our chest at home like we do with free weights at the gym?

I am going to say yes, and I am going to show you how to do with these great pieces of equipment.

As long as you have a place where you can anchor your resistance band you can train upper, lower and middle chest with these exercises:

  • Chest Press
  • Chest Fly
  • Incline Chest Press
  • Incline Chest Fly
  • Decline Chest Press
  • Decline Chest Fly
  • Resisted Push Ups

Resistance Band Chest Exercises: Press

Once you anchor the resistance band somewhere (for example to a door) you are ready to start doing chest press.

Flat Chest Press

I suggest to fix the band at the same height of your chest so you can push straight forward, but this is just my preference.

You can also have a higher hook, what's important is that when you push, the angle between your arms and your chest is 90 degrees.

Here's how I do it.

Resistance Band Chest Exercises - Chest Press Start
Resistance Band Chest Exercises - Chest Press End

Incline Chest Press

To do inclined chest press you need to change the angle between arms and chest.

Without resistance, just to learn the movement, extend your arms like during a flat chest press.

At that point incline your arms 45 degrees towards your face.

That is the end position of the movement.

The start position is the same, just the elbows point down a bit.

incline chest press
Resistance Band Inclined Chest Press End

Decline Chest Press

From the end position of the flat chest press, lower your arms 45 degrees towards the floor. That is the end position of the decline chest press.

Notice that I perform it from a kneeled position because the anchor should be above your chest height to make it more natural to push down.

Resistance Band Decline Chest Press Start
Resistance Band Decline Chest Press End

Resistance Band Chest Exercises: Flys

You don't even need to change the anchor of your elastic to do resistance band chest exercises and switch from chest press to chest fly.

Flat Chest Fly

Like you would do with cables or dumbbells, resistance band chest fly is the same.

Start with your arms wide open (but don't lock your elbows, bend them a little bit), but don't let your hands be behind your shoulders line.

Then close your arms maintaining your arms almost straight. The angle between arms and body is 90 degrees.

Resistance Band Chest Fly Start
Resistance Band Chest Fly End

Incline Chest Fly

Incline chest fly has the same type of movement, the only difference is the angle between arms and chest.

Like for the incline chest press, the end position sees your arms inclined 45 degrees towards your head.

Resistance Band Incline Chest Fly Start
Resistance Band Incline Chest Fly End

Decline Chest Fly

As you have already guessed, decline chest fly is the same, but the angle changes and is the same as per the decline chest press.

That means, 45 degrees towards the floor from the flat chest fly end position.

Again, I perform it from a kneeled position for the same reason of decline chest press.

Resistance Band Decline Chest Fly Start
Resistance Band Decline Chest Fly End

Resisted Push Ups

Another exercise that your can do for your chest is resisted push ups.

You need to hold the band down with your hands and keep the elastic on your shoulder blades to provide resistance when you push.

It's not the most comfortable exercise to do (because you have to hold the elastics on the floor), but it's an option.

Resistance Band Pushups Start
Resistance Band Pushups End

Final Tips

Resistance band chest exercises can cover every area of your chest, depending on the angle that you use to perform each exercise.

You can do chest press and chest fly as per your preference, of course depending on which are you want to target.

If you buy a set of resistance bands you can easily select the desired resistance, that can go from 2 to 40 pounds per handle.

If you buy this one that I strongly recommend now (I have those with fixed handles), you can even attach two or more bands to the same handle and obtain even greater resistance.

As always, exhale when you push and inhale when you return to the initial position.


One more tip, when you do resistance band chest exercises find a comfortable and stable position. This will lower the risk of losing the balance and/or pulling muscles.

One foot forward is the best choice, but you don't need me to tell you this. It is something that just comes natural when you start the exercise.


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  1. Avatar Augustas
    Back in college i had only a heavy duty spring expander. Made my first strength and muscle gains with that one. Then came the rubber bands. Great fitness weapon :) Light, portable, cheap. If you combine couple of strong bands, you can gain some respectable lean mass. Now you have no excuses not to exersize - your gym fits in your pocket.