Resistance Band Arm Exercises

Here I'd like to show you the resistance band arm exercises that you can do at home or anywhere, to train biceps and triceps.

Bicep curls, tricep extensions...yes, it's all possible with the elastics.

Let's proceed with order and see all the exercises that you can do, divided by muscle groups.

These are the exercises for biceps:

  • Standing Bicep Curls
  • Hammer Curls
  • Overhead Bicep Curls

and these are the tricep exercises:

  • Tricep Pushdown
  • Tricep Pushdown (reverse grip)
  • Tricep Extension
  • Overhead Tricep Extension
  • Tricep Kickbacks

Exercise Band Arm Exercises: Biceps

There are basically two resistance band arm exercises to train biceps, and all their variants.

Standing Bicep Curls

The first thing that comes to your mind must be bicep curls, and here it is.

Standing bicep curls is the basic exercise for biceps and to do it, you simply step on the elastic while you hold the handles.

If you need more resistance you can wrap the band twice around your feet and make it shorter. Of course if you don't have other bands available.

This is why I always suggest to buy a set of resistance bands, especially the stackable type.

Anyway, the standing curls exercise is straightforward

The start position is with your arms extended along your side holding the band that you not be loose but already in tension, and your palms towards your body.

Then do the curls compressing the biceps and keeping the elbows in the same position. Your upper arms should not move. Your wrist rotates till it faces your shoulder in the end position.

Make sure to squeeze the bicep during max compression, and also keep the shoulder blades tight.

Resistance Band Arm Exercises - Standing Curls Start
Resistance Band Arm Exercises - Standing Curls End

You can do this exercise in two forms, alternate (one arm at the time) or with two arms together. It's up to you, do what you prefer but the exercise is the same.

One arm at the time gives each arm more rest as the time between curls is longer to allow the other arm to finish the movement.

Maybe it's preferable that way...

Hammer Curls

The exercise that we just saw can be done also in a slight different form, by keeping your palms always towards your body, so your wrists never rotate.

Overhead Bicep Curls

Overhead bicep curls is a curl exercise where the hook (or anchor) is high above your head.

My resistance bands came with a door hook so I can place it where I want.

Place it at the top of the door and step away to a distance so that the elastic is in tension.

Then do the curls (bring the handle towards your shoulder) without moving your upper arm.

Finding a stable position is critical for this and all the other resistance band arm exercises.

Resistance Band Overhead Curls Start
Resistance Band Overhead Curls End

Exercise Band Arm Exercises: Triceps

To train your triceps the movement always involves some sort of arm extension, therefore the exercises that we can do are pushdowns or extensions.

Tricep Pushdown

Like the tricep pushdown at the gym, it is the same with resistance bands. You need to anchor the elastic on top of the door and step away to make tension in the band.

Then hold both handles with your palms facing down: this is the start position.

For the execution, keep your elbows locked on your sides and extend your arms pushing down, then slowly return to the initial position.

I said to keep your upper arms still because you will be tempted to move your elbows forward.

Resistance Band Tricep Pushdown Start
Resistance Band Tricep Pushdown End

Tricep Pushdown Reverse Grip

The same exercise can be done with your palms facing up the whole time to work out a different area of your triceps.

The execution is the same, but it's called tricep pushdown reverse grip.

Resistance Band Tricep Pushdown Reverse Grip Start
Resistance Band Tricep Pushdown Reverse Grip End

Tricep Extension

This is one of those resistance band arm exercises where you don't need a hook for the execution.

Like for standing bicep curls you need to step on the elastic, that makes the hook.

In the initial position, hold the two handles behind your head like in the picture below. Palms face forward and you also need to cross handles.

Keep your upper arms still (lock the elbows right there) and fully extend your arms, then return to the initial position.

Resistance Band Tricep Extension Start
Resistance Band Tricep Extension End

Overhead Tricep Extension

This is the same exercise where we use an overhead hook instead, always on top of the door.

You need to step away to make the tension in the elastic and grab the handles crossed.

Then bend forward like in the picture and extend your arms, holding the upper arms in position.

Resistance Band Overhead Tricep Extension Start
Resistance Band Overhead Tricep Extension End

Tricep Kickbacks

This is the only one of these resistance band arm exercises that you don't execute in standing position.

If you have a chair use a chair, if you have a bench why not...but if you don't have any of those you can always do like me in these pictures.

Maybe twist the band two or three times around an anchor and bend forward, 90 degrees would be ideal actually.

Keep your upper arm along your side and grab a handle with the elastic in tension (90 degree angle between upper arm and forearm).

Then extend your arm without moving the upper arm and the elbow.

Do it one arm at the time.

Resistance Band Tricep Kickbacks Start
Resistance Band Tricep Kickbacks End

It doesn't really matter how you keep your wrist. In this case I keep my palms facing forward, but it can also be done with palms facing your side.

Resistance Band Arm Exercises Tips

Please note that in all the resistance band arm exercises you never move the upper arm. Only your forearms move extending the triceps or squeezing the biceps.

It is important to squeeze the muscle that you are working in the moment of max compression.

For the standing curls of extensions, slightly bend your knees for a better balance and to release some weight from your back.

I hope you liked this resistance band arm exercises guide, now go and have a good workout!


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5 Responses

  1. Avatar april
    I recently starting using resistance tubes. Is it more effective to use slow and steady motion or quick and swift motion?
    • Cristian Cristian
      Slow and controlled is usually much better.
  2. Avatar Tom
    I am 54 years old and want to work on building up my arms. I am 6ft 1in and weight about 235lbs. I want to order a set of resistance bands and was wondering what weight is best to start at(I have not done any exercise or lifting in a very long time) and how many reps for biceps and triceps should I do and how many sets? Also should I by doing it every day and how long do you think it will take before I start seeing results? I would like to have some noticeable arms by spring if that is possible. Sorry for all the questions just not sure where to start here.
    • Avatar de weijer tom
      Hello,start with ligt or meduim3sets off,10 to 12 reps is good to begin warm up first 3 times a week is a good program , check out book fitness for dummies oe orther websites enough info good luck.
  3. Avatar Jangra
    Tell me I'm just start it can i do it for only bishapes not for the whole body