Pull Ups for Back Workout

Have you done pull ups? Do you think that it's the hardest back exercise too?

I don't know if I have particular difficulties doing that, if I need to build more mass on my lats or if it's just harder than other exercises.

I would say the last option is the more real...

Pullups are often confused with chin ups because you use the same equipment, you perform the same movement and you wok out almost the same muscles.

The difference is in the grip.

When you do pull ups the width of the grip may vary and especially palms face forward. Grip can be shoulder width or wider.

This difference makes a change in what muscles you work out as secondary, because the primary muscle remains the lats.

Shoulder Width Grip Pull Ups



EQUIPMENT: Chin Up Bar, Weight Belt (optional)

TYPE: Compound

Pull Ups


INITIAL POSITION: Grab the chinup bar with palms facing forward, shoulder width grip and extend your arms (your lats are fully extended). Every dips stand should have foot stands to help you reach the bar. If you use a chinup bar on the wall just use a stool or something to reach the bar.

MOVEMENT: Look towards the ceiling and pull your body up as much as possible. Hold onto that position briefly and then lower your body slowly till your lats are stretched (initial position).

BREATHING: Exhale when you pull, inhale when you return to initial position.

TIPS and ERRORS: Avoid swinging your body to help you pull because of momentum. Pull as high as you can, if you stop much lower then you don't contract your lats enough and in that case it' better to use a dips machine with knee pad.

Wide Grip

A common pullups grip is the wide grip. Chinup bars and expecially dips stands should have the two edges of the bar bent toward the ground.

That's where you should grab it for a wide grip.

This specific grip adds some work on the rhomboids muscles.

wide grip pull ups


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