10 Foods That You Can’t Miss in Your Pre Workout Meal

Diet and physical activity are equally important to build muscle and/or lose fat.

And a good pre workout meal is something that is going to affect your performance at the gym and improve the results, as long as you eat the foods that I am going to present in this article 45 to 60 minutes before workout.

The first thing you should know is that you need to eat before and after workouts, to provide your muscles of the necessary nutrients to work out and rebuild after.

Showing up at the gym for a treadmill session with empty stomach is as bad as not eating after exercise. Our body needs to start recover immediately after workout, otherwise we are going to waste all the hard work we did.

Of course this doesn't mean that you can eat whatever and how much you want. Instead, you need to choose the right foods for your pre workout meal, by following this simple guideline.

Pre Workout Meal - Which Foods You Should Eat


Pre workout meal - bananas

Rich in fast absorption carbs and potassium, provide the necessary energy for our physical activity and protect the muscles. These are properties that make bananas essential in a pre workout meal.



Fibers promote the constant release of carbs into the blood, which guarantees release of energy that is critical when you work out.



Some people use to drink a coffee before workouts to get a quick boost of energy, lower the feeling of fatigue and burn more calories. Technically a coffee is not a pre workout meal, it's not real food, but can be considered an energy drink.

And in fact, most pre workout energy drinks have caffeine as main ingredient, like the populare BSN NO XPLODE.



Smoothies are the ideal solution in a pre workout meal to provide our body with some good quality protein and carbs simple and complex).

The purpose is to provide a constant energy supply to our muscles for the whole duration of the workout session.

(Btw, do you remember why short training sessions are recommended?)


Pasta and chickpeas

Pasta and chickpeas make it a good pre workout meal

If you want to prepare a simple but tasty pre workout meal, try some pasta with chickpeas. If you want to have only chickpeas, put them in a bowl and dress them with some lemon juice.

Half a cup can provide enough fuel for a workout (protein, carbs and fibers).

Egg White

Egg white

Egg white (aka albumen) is better than yolk (which is more fat and tends to cause a little bloating). With one egg white you get 4 g of protein and no fats.

Whole Grain Sandwich

Whole grain sandwich

This is my favorite pre workout meal. It's that provide slow release energy to support you during the entire duration of a workout.

If you don't want meat in it, maybe try it with some jam to get more simple carbs. Otherwise add yougurt, pistacchio and honey.

Chicken Salad with Brown Rice

Chicken salad

It's a perfect mix to provide energy and no fats, with easy digestion. If you prefer, you can also have sweet potatoes rather than rice, it's up to you.


Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt

Have you ever heard of Greek yogurt? I just recently found out that it contains double amount of protein of regular yogurt and half sugar. If you're not lactose intolerant it can be a great pre workout meal as it provides the right dose of energy and it's light at the same time.

Maca Powder

Maca Powder

It's known also as Peruvian ginseng and it's widely used by south american soccer players before their matches.


It increases energy levels and endurance, and you can easily add it to smoothies and yogurt.


The main purpose of a pre workout meal is to provide the necessary energy for your workout. You don't want to be at the gym and feel like you can't finish your sets because you are so tired.

I eat before workouts, and when I don't have real food with me, a weight gainer shake always helps!

What do you eat before workouts? How do you fuel your muscles?


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