Best Post Workout Meal Foods to Maximize Muscle Growth

While a pre workout meal is important to provide the necessary energy, a post workout meal is crucial in the muscle building process.

In fact, eating the right foods after an intense workout is going to provide the necessary elements to rebuild the muscle fibers that you stressed and "broke" during the workout.

post workout meal

Well, it doesn't have to be THAT much...but you certainly need to feed your muscles with the right nutrients

Ideally, after workout we should take amino acids. They are the building blocks of our muscles, and are contained in meat.

Proteins are also needed after a training session, and are closely related to amino acids.

We are going to learn what to eat after a workout (and why those foods are important) in a moment, but for now think of a workout session like a seed planted in the ground.

Would it grow a plant if you don't add water? No.

Water for a seed is like post workout meal for us. It is part of our workout, basically.

Post Workout Meal: What Should I Eat?



Eggs are the best way to guarantee protein and vitamin D (which they are rich in), in just ~70 calories.

Better to cook them (even though Rocky Balboa said it's better to eat them raw) so that the protein that we assimilate are double.

Orange Juice

Orange juice

Vitamin C and high potassium levels make orange juice an ideal post workout meal, especially compared to regular post workout energy drinks.

Those, indeed , work better during workouts than after.



Kefir is a fermented milk drink with probiotics. With just one cup you are going to assimilate 11 to 14 grams of complete protein that our body doesn't produce naturally.

The taste is not the very best, but it's ok when taken with fruit and cereals.


Pre workout meal - bananas

Bananas are rich in good carbs, those that you need after workout because they help re-balance the correct glycogen levels.

They are also very rich in potassium and help reduce the lactic acid build up in muscles.



Salmon is the perfect choice if you want to provide your body with lean protein and omega 3, reduce muscle inflammation and increase your workout performances.



Small fruit, but with many benefits. It's been proven that you can triplicate the recovery after intense workouts, thanks to the anti oxidants contained in blueberries.


Bromelain (a type of protein contained in pineapples) guarantees high anti-inflammatory properties, which can cure bruises and swelling, while vitamin C plays a key role in tissue repair.

Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes
Not only carbohydrates, but also vitamins (mostly B6, C and D) and minerals (magnesium and potassium) make sweet potatoes an excellent post workout meal.


Kiwis are a concentrate of vitamin C and potassium, and don't forget antioxidants that help relieve muscle pain.

The say we should eat them with the peal to maximize the intake of nutrients...well I've personally never tried and I don't think I will...


It may sound obvious, but drinking plenty of water is super important after workouts and not drinking enough is one of the most common mistakes. Water is not technically a post workout meal least remember to drink lots with your meal then.


Any of the previous foods are excellent as post workout meal, but the base line here is: remember to eat at least something after an intense workout.

Ideally, within the first two hours from the end of the workout to help your muscles recover as soon as possible.

There is a section dedicated to bodybuilding supplements in this site, but I think that also here it is worth it to point out that a whey protein shake is great after a workout.

That's what I do: protein shake and amino acids (and glutamine at times).

What's your favorite post workout meal?


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