Pilates-leg-workoutNo day on the planet is to be feared more than the day after leg day. That is until you experience the day after a Pilates Leg Workout.

Pilates offers a unique blend of isometric holds and eccentric movements that will get your muscles working in ways that you never thought possible.

If you are looking for a great Pilates leg workout, we have several moves that are sure to get those thighs shaking and those calories burning.

The Ultimate Pilates Leg Workout

I want you to understand, that with all Pilates workouts you want to focus on your core strength and stability. While you're doing these sets, I will say as many reps as possible (AMRAP) for three sets. What I  mean by that is as many re

What I  mean by AMRAP  is as many reps up to a max of 20 that you can complete while maintaining a tight core and great posture. Pilates trains the core no matter what workout you are doing, so if you notice that you can't keep your waist tight like you are wearing a belt, then you have hit your max.

It doesn't matter if you have only done 2 reps, if your core fails, you're done!

Wall Squat Rolls

This is a great way to start your workout.

Begin by standing against a wall with a pilates ball in the small of your back. Extend your legs out at a 45-degree angle away from the wall.

Slowly roll down the wall until the ball is in between your shoulder blades and your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle.  Pause for one breath and roll back up.

That's one rep

AMRAP 3 sets

 Single Leg Bridge With DipsPilates-leg-workout-dip

  1. To complete a single leg dip you will need to begin by lying flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet firmly planted on the floor.
  2. Place your hands beside your body palms down so that you can support your movements.
  3. Raise your hips up toward by squeezing your glutes together until you reach the bridge position.
  4. From the bridge position, you will raise left leg so that it is parallel with your right thigh.
  5. Then move your left leg so that it is perpendicular with the mat then bring it back down so it is parallel with the right leg.
  6. From the perpendicular position, you will lower your left leg so that it is parallel with your right thigh.

This is one repetition.

AMRAP 3 sets each side

Reverse Plank With Kick

For a reverse plank you want to start by sitting with your legs together out in front of your body and your heels touching. Place your palms on the floor by your pelvis with your fingers facing your feet.

Place your palms on the floor by your pelvis with your fingers facing your feet.

Lift your pelvis off the ground until you form a long straight line. Point your toes if you can. Squeeze the thighs inward to one another if you feel unstable.

Lift your right leg up as high as you can without breaking your plank or breaking your waist balance. If you feel like you may fall you can press your leg onto the floor to keep you stable. Lower the foot to the ground and repeat on the opposite side.

AMRAP for 3 Sets.

That's it you're done!

I know you are thinking how can I possibly be done, it was only three moves? That is the beauty of the pilates leg workout, you were working to muscle failure each set and you are going to feel the results in the morning. You may even be feeling them right now.

Pilates-leg-workout-rollerThe key is to spend lots of time after stretching out your legs so that you don't have a bad case of DOMS tomorrow. You may even want to spend 10 to 15 minutes foam rolling your muscles to ensure you can get rid of the lactic acid build up caused by the muscle failure.




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