Pec Deck Machine for Shoulder Workout

Reverse flys at the pec deck machine is my favorite exercise for rear deltoids.

Yes I know, it's a weights are so much better and blah blah blah...but...

...this machine helped me develop posterior deltoids like no other free weight exercise, so I am here to suggest it to you.

Rear deltoid is a very small muscle that you don't usually use in your every day life, and because it's a small muscle I prefer to use a machine as it focuses the workout on that particular muscle. It's one of the few cases where I prefer isolation than compound movements.

Every gym I've seen was equipped with a machine for chest flys and it can be used for reverse flys too, to work out your posterior deltoids.

How to Use the Pec Deck Machine




PRIMARY MUSCLE: Shoulder (Posterior Deltoid)


EQUIPMENT: Pec Deck Machine

TYPE: Isolation

Reverse Flys at Pec Deck Machine


INITIAL POSITION: Sit on the machine with your chest against the vertical pad (facing the machine). Position the seat so that the machine handles are shoulder height. Position the machine arms so that when you grab the handles your arms are straight in front of you.

MOVEMENT: Pull arms back till your arms are wide open (little bit less than 180 degree angle) and you feel the squeeze between your shoulder blades, keeping your chest against the pad the whole time. Then slowly return to the initial position.

BREATHING: Exhale when you pull and inhale during the negative phase.

TIPS and ERRORS: On this machine there are not particular errors that you can do because it forces you to do the right movement. The only thing I can say is to keep your chest against the vertical pad during the execution as you will probably be tempted to bend your body backwards, especially if you're using heavy weight. Position the correct height and keep your feet flat on the ground. You're ready to go!

Bent Over Rear Lateral Raises

If you don't want to do the reverse flys at the pec deck machine you can use two dumbbells and do the seated bent over rear lateral raises, which is the same exercise using free weights. Imagine the pec deck exercise and rotate it 90 degrees towards the ground.

The muscles worked are the same.

For the execution, just keep your chest on your knees and don't lock your elbows as they should always be slightly bent.

seated bent over rear lateral raises

A variation of this exercise consists of doing in from a standing position and it's just called bent over rear lateral raises. Here you use also your lower back muscles to stay in that position.

Just remember: do not arch your back!

bent over rear lateral raises

The last alternative to the pec deck exercise is the cable bent over rear lateral raises as shown in this picture:

cable bent over rear lateral raises


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