Ditch The Gym And Try These 4 Novel Outdoor Workouts

outdoor workoutsAs the temperatures start to get pleasant, it gets harder and harder to drag yourself to the gym to get the exercise you need.

Why not take full advantage of the nice weather and start working out outside?

If you're looking for some interesting alternatives to traditional outdoor workouts, here are four options that are well worth investigating.

1) Turn A Jog Into A Scavenger Hunt

This is a very creative and very cheap way to add some interest and variety to ordinary jogging or running.

Plan out a typical route you might use for a basic jog. Then, write up a list of basic body weight exercises (e.g. squat jumps, push-ups, burpees, etc) you want to incorporate into your workout.

The idea is to assign each exercise to a landmark you might encounter on your run.

Some particular landmarks work especially well with particular exercises. Spotting a park bench, for instance, gives you a perfect place to do incline push-ups.

When you hit the road, keep in mind that your goal isn't just to complete your route.

You should also be aiming to execute each of your chosen exercises at least once.

This may send you further afield than you planned to go, but assigning yourself a task like finding specific landmarks encourages you to pay more attention to your exercise.

It is also easier to forget about the stresses of your day when you're hunting for a green fire hydrant!

2) Speedminton/Crossminton

Speed badminton is a novel racquet sport that was invented in Germany not too long ago, and now it is sweeping the world.


This game is more than just a variation on ordinary badminton.

It plays at a much faster pace. The speeder (the shuttlecock alternative) is heavier, allowing play to continue in all weather conditions.

Racquets for speedminton are closer to racquetball rackets than badminton racquets. Most distinctively, this sport is played without a net.

Speedminton (which is now also known as Crossminton) is a group activity requiring two or four players.

If you've got an open-minded group of friends who are ready for a fun cardio challenge, learning to play speedminton is an excellent idea.

The supplies you need are minimal (most players mark out the court with chalk), typically costing less than $50 per person.

Besides burning calories and improving your cardiovascular system, you'll also give your arm muscles a pretty intense workout.

3) Volunteer

Don't neglect opportunities to give back to your community while you are looking for ways to work up a sweat!

There are typically a host of different outdoor tasks that non-profits and government agencies need help with once the temperatures start to rise.

Take a look at your local community organizations to see if there are upcoming park or trail clean-ups or similar events that would allow you to do a little hard work for a good cause.

If you are looking for a regular engagement that can form a significant part of your overall fitness regimen, it pays to work more closely with specific non-profit organizations.

As one example, most animal shelters are in desperate need of volunteers to walk their dogs.

4) Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This last possibility depends on your location.

If you are close to the coast or a major body of water, though, stand up paddle boarding might be an option. And swimming would be great too!

paddle boarding

Stand up paddle boarding is a Hawaiian offshoot of surfing, but it does not require the kind of big waves that surfing does. You can paddle board on virtually any open body of water.

Although stand up paddle boarding is a lot of fun, it is also a surprisingly challenging workout.

It requires a lot of core strength and excellent balance. However, it is a fairly equipment-intensive way to work out.

SUP boards are very similar to longer surf boards, and a good one will cost you about $600. It's a good idea to take a few classes in stand up paddle boarding to get a feel for the sport before you commit to it.

Hopefully, one or two of the choices presented here will pique your interest and inspire you to take your exercise routine outdoors.

There is no time like the present to start working out under the open sky and the sooner you get started, the more fun you'll have!


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