Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Reviews

I started reading Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass reviews after I noticed that my buddy gained some big muscle quickly.

He was filling his shirt very nicely, well rounded shoulders, prominent chest, bigger arms...

Optimum nutrition serious mass

Of course now I am a Serious Mass user, but before I tell you my impression, here's the story.

I hadn't seen him for a while and my first reaction was "Hey man, did you start working out?".

Obviously yes, so I wanted to know his secret. He said that he combined hard workouts (especially HIIT, high-intensity-interval-training) with an incredibly effective weight gainer called Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass.

He told me it tasted very good, and that he gained 15 lbs in 6 weeks.


That's amazing, he's always been skinny...hard for him to gain weight.

Google: Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Reviews

First things first: let's go home and start googling for Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass reviews, to know more...to find out whether he was fooling me or not.

I wanted to know what other people were saying about this product.

After all I thought well...if it's all true then it's the perfect product for me.

I was very skeptical because I am a very loyal consumer of BSN True Mass and Syntha-6...so it's hard to convince me to try a different brand.

I was glad to read comments like:

I've tried so many different weight gainers, with no luck, but with Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass I could finally gain weight!


Great taste, easy to mix, great value for the cost. Serious Mass beats them all

At that point I was kind of sold already, but still suspicious at the same time. The rule is always the same...I have to try to believe.

The first thing I did was to order a small 3 lbs container. I know it's not worth it, you can save much more by ordering the big 12 lbs bag, but what if I didn't like it?

My Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Review

So I got this 3 lbs container as a "trial" because I am very picky with flavors and mixing, and here is what I can tell about it.

I love Serious Mass, the flavor, how it mixes, how I feel after I take it, the ingredients...everything.

Ingredients and Servings

First of all here's a fact: the servings are huge!

One serving is two scoops...yeah, have you seen the size? It's big...and I mean...BIG.

Two scoops provide 334 grams of powder, and when you add water or milk you pass 500 grams of stuff that you drink. More than a pound.

No kidding that you gain weight, huh?

The total calorie intake is 1,250 with water and 1,640 with low fat milk. This means you can almost double your daily calorie intake (assuming a 2,000 cal/day diet).

At first I was thinking, oh yeah that's why people gain weight, right? Any other weight gainer would give you the same results.

For example the BSN True Mass has small scoops (I believe something like 50g or so), therefore taking 6 or 7 of those scoops provide the same amount of calories...

In theory, but here are some key differences:

  • Like most Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass reviews say, it is very easy to drink (I would never be able to drink 6/7 scoops of BSN True Mass or any other)
  • After taking Serious Mass I don't feel stuffed
  • Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass contains 1g of creatine per serving (read more about creatine)
  • The flavor is ridiculously good
  • Serious Mass contains whey and casein protein (read more about casein protein)
  • Serious Mass contains glutamine also

I really love Serious Mass, it's helping me gain weight with no effort (usually the biggest effort is to be able to swallow heavy shakes).

It gives me the energy I need to work out better and especially to recover.

Creatine helps improve the workouts and volumize the muscles, while glutamine and other amino acids plus casein protein help recover fast and avoid catabolism.

I immediately ordered my 12 lbs bag of Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass to get a better deal.

The powder is so fine that it mixed with milk very easily. Fine powder is another indicator of good quality.

ON Serious Mass

Me & Serious Mass 12 lbs

This is me with the 12 lbs Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass. This stuff works.

If you want to give it a try I suggest you order it from Amazon. Fast delivery and good price!

Have you tried Serious Mass before? Drop a line and let me know what you think!


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2 Responses

  1. Great review. Serious mass deserves to be on the top due to its quality and effectiveness
  2. Serious Mass is indeed an effective muscle mass gainer. It tastes good, value for money is great as well and works rapidly. However, there are a few major issues including mixability, serving size and protein to carb ratio. Rest is fine.