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Fats and Fatty Acids

Are They Really All Bad?
We always hear bad things about them, but fatty acids are important nutrients, and have vital rules in our body. What is bad, actually, is to eat too many, especially of the "wrong" type. [...]

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What is HDL Cholesterol?

In this article I'd like to talk about HDL Cholesterol, better know as good cholesterol, and explain what it is, which diseases it prevents and why it is important to increase it.
HDL Cholesterol and LDL Cholesterol

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Good Cholesterol Foods

In this article we will learn how to increase HDL cholesterol with good cholesterol foods.As we all know, at the base of cardiovascular diseases and congenital disorders, there is the formation of plaques in the blood, called atherosclerotic plaques indeed, due to the accumulation of saturated fat and cholesterol. [...]

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Diet Types for Different Goals

I want to give an overview of different diet types because too often there is a bit of confusion when we talk about diets, as too many people think that diets are only meant to help you lose weight.

Weight Gain Diet
That is not always the case, indeed. [...]

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The Secrets of Detox Diet

Have you ever heard of detox diet?

Unfortunately, very often we look in the mirror and we see changes that we didn't want to see...ugly fat localized in certain areas. In women most times it is concentrated especially in the thighs and hips. [...]

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The Secrets of Atkins Diet

Atkins diet is a diet low in carbohydrate , which aims to meet the energy demands through fats and proteins.

The American cardiologist Robert C. Atkins devised this diet plan in the '70s to prevent and control [...]

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The Best Dietary Foods that You Can’t Miss!

Especially if we want to start a diet "do it yourself", the first thing you need to do is keep in mind what the best dietary foods are, or at least the ones that are the most useful for weight loss.
Water is the #1 in the Best Dietary Foods

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Do Not Eat After Workout to Maximize Fat Loss

I want to answer the question What to eat after workout? with another question
Should I eat after workout and how long after workout?
...because this is the real point.

When you work out your body requires lots of energies, so it's clear that you have to provide some good calories before you hit the gym (like 1 to 2 hours before). [...]

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High Protein Low Carbs Means No Muscle Gains

One of the common myths that I want to dispel is that a high protein low carbs diet will help build muscle.

It's not true.

On the contrary, with a diet like that you won't make any muscle gains.
High Protein Low Carbs to Lose Weight
A high protein low carbs diet is recommended only for short periods of time if you want to lose weight. [...]

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