Do Natural Testosterone Boosters Suppress My Natural Production?

Some of you are hesitant about taking natural testosterone boosters because they are afraid that they will eventually suppress their natural production.

The answer is NO, simply because you are not injecting extra testosterone, you are just telling your body to increase its natural production.

Natural supplements are all herbal stuff, something that improves the way your body works.

When you want to improve your immune system you are told to eat lots of oranges because they have vitamin C. That doesn't mean that your body will stop being immune after a while.

Natural Testosterone Boosters vs Replacement

If you do testosterone replacement therapy, that's when you should worry. If you inject testosterone from outside, or take pills or use patches you will have side effects.

For example, testicles shrinkage. basically your body will say "Oh wow, look at all this testosterone...why should I worry producing it, I don't need more".

And after you stop your therapy you are screwed, your testicles can't produce testosterone any more (or very little). At that point you have to take testosterone forever, not a good thing.

Unless your testicles don't work properly, then in that case who cares right? They don't produce it anyway, therefore it's good to do the therapy, at least you enjoy the benefits.

Estrogen in men

Men should keep estrogen levels down

Another problem that you encounter if you take too much testosterone is that your body will start converting it into estrogen, the opposite hormone of testosterone, and then you grow man boobs and all that kind of stuff.

Worse side effects, but with the same principle, can happen if you take anabolic steroids.

You don't worry about these side effect if you take natural boosters because they don't give you testosterone, they just make your body produce it!


I do take testosterone boosters from time to time, I do cycles following directions. Although they say you can do four weeks on and four weeks off I take longer periods off.

Just to be even safer as I don't want my body to get too used.

I noticed increases in testosterone effects such as sex drive and energy in general while taking those types of products, depending on which ones I take of course.

After that, my body doesn't change the natural testosterone production, and also further blood tests confirmed that.

Among all natural testosterone boosters, the one that gives me the best results is Mutant Test, especially in terms of sex drive and energy. I highly recommend it!

natural testosterone boosters

Give it a try, there are not many natural testosterone boosters that work like this. You won't disappointed!


So, in conclusion, don't worry: natural boosters don't harm your body. The worst thing that could happen is that they might be ineffective, but usually the older you get the more they work!


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