The Importance of Muscle Failure to Build Muscle Fast

The fourth of my muscle building tips is that you should always push to muscle failure.

Remember that your body is always adapting to fight the stress that you apply to it.

If you perform your reps using a weight that allows you to do 6-8 reps only, doing a failure set means that you have to get to the point where you almost can't do the last rep. Definitely you shouldn't be able to do one more.


Muscle failure chart: the sweet spot is where you have one more rep before you feel like dropping the weights

If you can perform more reps with that weight it means it's too light.


If you can't perform at least 6 reps it means the weight is too heavy and you need to go lower.

Remember, it's better to use lower weights and do exercises in the correct form than using heavier weights and cheating to complete your sets.

If you're doing your bench press, military press or any other exercise and say "Oh, I am getting tired, I'll stop now" and drop your weights, you're not going to grow man.

I can't stress enought the importance of this approach. Been there, done that.

Of course each set you have to go to failure using at least the weights that you used last time, otherwise it's better to stay home and rest. Your goal should always be to go to the gym and do more than you did last time.

That's also why I say that rest is very very important to recover.

If you're tired all the time you can't increase the weights at the gym, therefore your body doesn't need to build muscle fast.

Go to Muscle Failure Each Time

Don't take it personally man but...if you don't reach muscle failure then why do you even go to the gym?

Your body doesn't want to grow, it does NOT. You gotta force it. You have to make it grow.

I tried, when I was young, to stop one or two reps before failure and let me say it was a big waste of time.

I didn't have problem lifting those weights, and of course why should my body have built more muscle? It had no reason to do it.

It is full of people at the gym that don't do muscle failure, I see it all the time. ALL the time.

They do their nice and easy 3 sets of 10 reps for each exercise using (just an example) 50lb, then 55lb and then 60lb for the last set.

I just don't understand it!

If you can do 10 reps with 60lb then what is the purpose of the previous two sets with 50 and 55 pounds?

Unless you do 3 sets of 12/10/8 reps and gradually increase the weight or something like that, it's absolutely useless.

It just means that for the first two sets you don't go to failure and you don't even stress your muscles.

Don't be one of those if you want to build muscle fast!

Go to muscle failure, this must be your model from now on! And not only when you do the last set, go to failure each set if you wanna see some good results.

If you don't do this you are just not pushing your body beyond the point to make it grow.

Muscle Failure

I repeat it here again, your body is going to adapt to your "daily activity".

If you are a runner, your body will adapt to build endurance, tending to be skinnier and fast.

If you lift heavy weights, your body will build more muscle.

You body doesn't like fatigue, it thinks "Hey, I am gonna build some serious muscle so the next time this guy wants to lift this kind of weights, I can do it without fatigue!".

If you are satisfied with your results, don't get me wrong, keep doing what you're doing.

But if you are having troubles, start going to failure each set and you'll make big gains.

The only time you shouldn't really go to failure is when you use dumbbells for some exercises.

For example if you're doing squats with 100lb dumbbells well, i wouldn't suggest you go to failure with those!

For the rest, really, this is one of the most ignored muscle building tips and by following this approach you'll see big changes like I did.


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