How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off!

Lose-Weight-and-keep-it-offLosing weight is a hard task, but harder still is learning how to lose weight and keep it off. Weight maintenance is rarely discussed in diet and weight loss material. Here are a few tips to keep that weight off.


Keep Healthy Habits

For some reason, people stop their healthy habits when they reach their goal weight. It's like suddenly they weigh this magical number and they can go back to their old habits. Well, you can't. Not if you want to keep the weight off.

Whatever you did to help you lose weight is going to be the thing that helps you maintain a healthy body weight. So if you did CrossFit and ate Paleo, you should keep it up. If you ran 15 miles a week and stopped eating after 9 pm, keep doing it.

The key to weight maintenance is to keep up all of your healthy habits.

Add Some Extras

Most people are disappointed at the thought of maintaining their "diet" for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, healthy habits are the only thing that will keep your weight off.

There is no magic bullet.

But you can start to eat a little bit more. Assuming you weren't drastically cutting your calories, eventually, your body would reach a weight that was the final low. But if you're done losing weight you can increase your calorie intake to a level that is equal to your energy expenditure.

You will want to play with the amount of food that you can eat to maintain your body weight. The recommendation from physicians and dieticians are good starting points but everybody is different. See how your body responds as you slowly increase your calorie intake to a maintenance level.

Don't Go BackLose-weight-and-keep-it-off-junk

We all had that one thing that we did. That habit that made us gain weight. Maybe you sat in front of the television and ate chips out of the bag until it was empty. Or you simply ate past the point of being full. Whatever it was that got you to obesity and overweight, those are the habits you avoid like the plague. 

Sometimes it can be hard to remember what it was that made us gain weight in the first place. This can be why people fail when they try to lose weight and keep it off.

If you kept a food diary, or a journal through your weight loss go back and take a look at those notes. See what were your habits, your overeating triggers, or your indulgences. These are the things you now have to be on the look out for because they will try to sneak back in.

Check In Regularly

One of the biggest factors in why people fail when they try to lose weight and keep it off is because they stop checking in. What do I mean by check in? Well, there are a few things that you need to check in with yourself on a regular basis.

  • How are my eating habits?
  • What is my weight?
  • How am  I coping with stress?
  • What is my exercise level?

Remember, if you lost weight by running 30 miles a week, but now you don't run. It is going to be very likely that you will see the scale start to rise. Don't let that happen.

Set a reminder on your phone for a monthly evaluation.

This evaluation is done with you and you alone. It is just a simple way for you to check in with yourself and see how you are doing with your goals and your lifestyle.

Be Honest About Where You Are

Lose-weight-and-keep-it-off-lieHumans are great liars. We lie to ourselves more than anyone else. If you are seeing the scale creep back up at your monthly check in. You need to take action now and do an honest inventory.


That inventory of your actions and emotions is going to be the key to stopping you from gaining all of your weight back. The honesty game is a hard one to play. Especially when it comes to weight loss.

If you can do this one step, you will keep lose weight and keep it off for good!

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