How to Lose Thigh Fat

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thigh-fatObesity is a disorder that has affected many people around the world. Due to poor eating lifestyles and lack of engaging in frequent physical activity, the body is unable to utilize all fat consumed as energy. The unused fats and sugars derived from carbohydrates are converted into fats which are stored around the thighs, hips and waist.

That is how one becomes obese. Obesity can be prevented and anyone who is obese can be able to lose the extra weight and live a healthy life. Below is how to lose thigh fat.

Top 3 Tips to Lose Thigh Fat

It doesn't take just three tips to lose thigh fat, but these at least are the most important.

1. Thigh Exercises

Fat stored around the thighs can lead to extra weight. There is no need to worry as one can get rid of the fat by following simple thigh exercises.

Squats are some of the thigh exercises that one can perform in order to eliminate fat. There are several squat exercises that one can perform but the simplest involves placing legs and shoulder width apart and lower your hips towards the ground. The thighs should become parallel with the ground.

Thigh Exercises to lose thigh fat

Exercising is necessary to tone and lose thigh fat (replace it with muscle), but of course diet will be crucial

Balance your weight at this position for 3 seconds before lifting up.

You can also incorporate an exercise ball with your squat exercises. Start by placing the ball against the wall, lower your back and press firmly against the ball. The ball will increase the intensity of your squats while giving you a nice back rub.

Lunges are also thigh targeted exercises and one can start by placing 5 or 8 pounds dumbbells in each hand and lunge forward using one leg and lowering the other knee closer to the ground. Rise up and repeat the lunges with the other leg.

2. Start Eating Healthy Foods

Carbohydrates, dairy products, sugary foods and proteins are some of the foods that contribute to fat storage around the thighs. In order to lose thigh fat, you need to start eating healthy foods. Clean your kitchen and eliminate all junk foods. Start shopping for healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Foods

Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients and antioxidants which are beneficial to the growth of the body.

While helping in body growth, fruits and vegetables also act as appetite suppressors therefore eliminating the craving for junk food or overeating.

Shop for lean meats, beans and soy products to replace other proteins which are unhealthy. Eat fish which contains omega 3 fats that are beneficial to the body rather than other fatty foods.

Low fat dairy products like yogurt and whole grains are very beneficial in leading a healthy lifestyle and losing weight in the process.

Avoid drinking sodas, energy drinks and concentrated juices. Instead drink water as it contains no calories. Water acts as an appetite suppressor therefore it eliminates the need for an individual to overeat.

3. Maintain Your Physical Health

Lose Thigh Fat

Start by joining a gym and discuss with your trainer to help you begin with exercises that help lose body fat. The body cannot lose fat just in one area but by exercising the whole body it helps burn the fat by converting it into energy therefore resulting in loss of weight.

Apart from visiting the gym, you can engage in small activities that will help contribute to fat burning. Taking a 30 minute walk around the park, running around the park or cycling or swimming are some of the activities that can help lose fat and are affordable.

Engage in a physical sports either at your local club or with friends. Sports like golf, squash, tennis and football are highly encouraged as they ensure that the body gets the much needed exercise which eventually helps in burning the excess fat.

If you are too busy to engage in sports or there is no group or league you can join, join a work out group performing yoga. When it comes to weight loss Yoga is one of the most effective way to shade some pound and according to many experts, has been known to help obese people lose 200 calories per hour.

After the exhausting physical activities, it is proper when you go to bed, ensure you sleep well and are well rested. When an individual doesn’t sleep well, the body produces ghrelin, a hormone responsible for stimulating appetite. While it produces ghrelin, it lowers the production of leptin which is a hormone that indicates you are full. Lack of sleep will lead to a bigger appetite leading to over eating and finally obesity.

Consult a doctor in order to be treated sleep apnea.

If you have more tips on how to lose thigh fat, please share!


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  1. You can't target an area for fat loss, and exercising a certain muscle group won't make you lose fat in that area. If anything, it will make your thighs become larger. Losing fat in one area means losing fat on your whole body. You can only lose fat through proper diet with caloric deficit and exercise. Anything else is wishful thinking.