How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Lose belly fat fast. Is this why you are interested in starting a workout program? If so, you're going to the right direction because lifting weights is one of the best ways to get rid of the fat layer that covers your abs.

While people in their 20s start lifting weights just to get in shape and build some serious muscle mass to like themselves in the mirror and let's admit it, impress others...after you reach the age of 30 your goals gradually start to change.

Lose Belly Fat Fast

Are you like this? Let's lose belly fat fast then!

At that point I realize that most people are interested in strength training because someone said that building muscle helps to lose belly fat fast. True story.

Belly fat...ten years ago I thought it was a problem that only affected others, not me. People used to say "You will see, when you age you will gain weight too".

I actually liked the idea because I had always been skinny before, but that never seemed to happen to me...until I got close to being 30 years old. At that point things started to change like for everybody and yes...I noticed some belly fat growing and covering my abs.

Lose Belly Fat Fast

This is me when I was around 20. I was kinda skinny and I was doing sports like kick-boxing and swimming so I was in pretty good shape. I had a real 6 pack and I never thought it could be gone one day.

But I stopped doing those sports and that probably had a great (bad) impact overall. Now I am trying to get that six pack back, but first I have to melt the layer that is covering it.

To do that I had to lose belly fat fast because I don't like to waste time.

Diet is Crucial to Lose Belly Fat Fast

I tried different methods to lose belly fat, here I just want to tell you the key factors that allowed me to do it fast.

First of all, it sounds banal, but you really have to want to succeed. Without motivation nothing works, when it comes to changing your body shape...miracles don't happen, unfortunately.

If you are mentally strong and really motivated, here you can find important tips to lose belly fat fast.

Diet...we heard this hundreds of times...and there is a reason. Diet is a key factor when you try to lose weight. Changing diet often means changing lifestyle and this can be challenging for some.

No more junk food right? Agreed.

No more processed food, it's difficult I know, because when you go to the store there are tons of processed foods. But stay away from it as much as possible. Processed food is bad for your testosterone, and we will see that high testosterone is very important to build muscle and burn fat.

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Eat as much natural as you can. That means fruit and vegetables, lean meat, whole grains and all those foods that burn fat by increasing your metabolism, by burning more calories or by keeping you full for longer.

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It's important to eat smaller meals but more frequently during the day to keep your metabolism high and maintain the correct level of sugars in the blood.

Do not skip meals thinking that by reducing the calories that way you will burn more fat. If you skip meals your body thinks that you're starving and anything you eat is stored as fat.

Follow a diet to lose belly fat and include low fat and no processed foods.

Drinking plenty of water is also very important for burning belly fat. Green tea is great too because it contains precious anti oxidants. If you drink, quit alcohol!

Aerobic Training

Cardio exercises are the best way to burn fat and lose belly fat fast. It's good for cardiovascular reasons and to keep your heart healthy, but it's a great way to burn extra calories and melt fat too.

I've never seen fat people that do lots of cardio. Or maybe I should say: I've never seen people that do lots of cardio that are (still) fat. Runners, bikers, swimmers... They're all in good looking shapes aren't they?

You should start using treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals or steppers if they're not in your routine. Although you may think that the more intense the aerobic training the more fat your burn, there's something you should know.

Low intensity cardio is better than high intensity cardio for fat burn purposes. To burn fat you need to train at a certain intensity that allows you to train for long periods of time, 20 minutes as minimum.

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Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast

I want to talk about this because I don't want you to leave thinking that the best exercises to lose belly fat are sit ups, body crunches or leg raises...ab exercises, to be clear.

No, wrong.

Those are good to build muscle, ab muscles, but they don't burn belly fat. They are important once the fat on top of your abs is gone, but not to lose belly fat fast.

What you need to do is compound exercises, all those that require lots of energy and that burn lots of calories. You can burn fat even while you sleep because of the afterburn effect.

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If you want to lose belly fat fast you're not alone. I hear you, I wanted and still want it too.

The good news is that it can be done. It CAN work. You CAN make it happen.

I know how bad many people want it, the more they want it the more they can succeed by following the tips I just gave you.

Remember that it takes long, things like this don't happen overnight. Be patient and persist. If you don't give up you can lose belly fat fast too and enjoy your life change.

Losing belly fat is a process that involves losing overall body fat as you can't really target fat loss just in specific areas. If you manage to lose fat, that fat will come from all your body, including your belly.

That's why you should focus on burning overall body fat to lose arm fat and lose leg fat as well as belly fat.

Good luck and remember...

Motivation + Sacrifice = SUCCESS!

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