Lift Heavy Weights to Boost Testosterone

They always suggest you to exercise, but I want to specify to lift heavy weights if you want to boost your testosterone..

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is also found in women in smaller amounts.

Beside increasing your sex drive it maintains your bone density at normal levels and also your muscle mass. Higher testosterone makes it easier to build lean muscle mass.

Let's see how to boost your testosterone with exercise in a few important steps.

#1 Lift Heavy Weights

Lift Heavy Weights

If you want to boost testosterone production don't waste time and lift heavy weights. It's the rule #1.

Testosterone is released by your body when you put under big stress, when you are trying to force it to go beyond its possibilities.

This has to become a game that you play with your body.

If you lift light weights with no fatigue your body doesn't need to produce more testosterone.

But it will produce more when you put it in a situation where your body realizes that it can't perform the task that you assigned to it.

If you lift heavy weights, the heaviest that you can, your body will have to produce more testosterone in order to adapt to this change.

It will think "Hey, this guy started to workout, he's lifting weights now and it was so hard for me. I have to produce more testosterone so that the next time I will be prepared and I will lift that weight with no fatigue".

But the next time you will have to beat your previous performance, and add weight, or do more reps, to force your body to produce even more T.

#2 Do Compound Exercises

To release as much testosterone as possible, you have to do compound exercises.

Compound exercises are those that stress the biggest amount of muscle fibres and involve more than one joint and more than one muscle group when you perform the movement.

Imagine the difference between doing bicep curls and deadlifts.

The first works only the biceps, which are small muscles.

The second works your legs which have the biggest muscles in your body, your back muscle which are the second biggest, your traps, your core (abs) etc.

Just imagine how much more testosterone your body needs to produce to keep up with a deadlift compared to curls!

The best exercises that you can do to boost your testosterone are:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Pull ups/Chin ups
  • Dips
  • Rows
  • Bench press
  • Military press
  • Shoulder press

Also the leg press is a good one, even though I would prefer to do squats.

#3 High Intensity Trainings

We said above that when you train you should always lift heavy weights.

Another important aspect of your trainings is that they should always be short and intense.

Short, because your body produces testosterone when you start working out, reaches the peak after 27 minutes and drops after 45.

You should train no longer than 45 minutes. After that your body stops producing testosterone and starts producin cortisol, which is your "enemy".

Therefore, if you train for only 45 minutes you have to train hard, which means lifting heavy weights and giving 100% of what you have in those 45 minutes.

#4 Do Some Cardio

cardio exercises to lose belly fatIf you are a runner, prefer sprints instead of resistance run. As for your workouts, sprints are short and high intensity performances, which stimulates testosterone production.

It's always good to do some cardiovascular exercises to lower your body fat percentage. This will translate in more testosterone production.


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